What is Male Enhancement?

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 16, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

I have looked into a number of “male enhancement” drugs and supplements and I don’t understand the difference between male enhancement and erectile dysfunction medications. What is Male Enhancement?

Is it just the need for a doctor’s order?

Is there something wrong with the over the counter male enhancement drugs?

ED Medications versus Male Enhancement

Erectile dysfunction medications are meant to keep you coming back for more. They change the blood flow in your body by adjusting how your vessels are responding in order to ensure you can get an erection. While this is a solution for each erection it is not a long term solution to your problems. You are constantly dependent on the medication in order to get the desired results.

Male enhancement supplements use a more natural course of action. One that can alter your body’s chemical balance. While you do often have to keep taking the supplements, it is much more like taking vitamins and is not something you have to worry about prior to each bout of sexual activity. There are enhancement supplements you can take at that time, but those are more about sensation than size.

How Does it Work?

When your body is in a better chemical balance, your penis can live up to its full potential. You may not even realize that you have been short changing yourself your whole life. As you age, your testosterone levels change and your vitamin and electrolyte balance changes. This means it is harder to get a full erection and you are often not getting the full effect of your sexual activity as you did when you were younger.

By taking male enhancement supplements you can balance back out your water and electrolytes and help your overall sexual pleasure. You should find that your penis responds more quickly as it will be aroused through the central chemical component in the brain naturally rather than through an enhanced effect that happens by taking ED medications.

Why is it so Much Less Expensive?

Many people think ED drugs are better because of the price tag associated with them. The truth is, it has nothing to do with the quality of the medication. It has to do with the cost of developing them and the money that the companies stand to make off the medications. Between the kickbacks doctors get and all the advertisements, it is no wonder the drugs are much more expensive than the over the counter alternatives.

Whatever type of male enhancement you decide to go with, you should be able to see an increase in size when you are fully erect. You should also notice a difference in sensation and feel as though you are back in your “prime.” Many men forget another component to not having the easy erection you once did, is because you have many more responsibilities and things on your mind. The male enhancement medication helps you to feel as you did before life took over and things got complicated.