Virility Ex – Does it Work?

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 6, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement Pills

There is no shortage of male enhancement products on the market today. So when it comes to your hard earned money, there is no sense in wasting your money on male enhancement products which don’t work – And Virility EX is one such example of a company selling a product lacking testimonials, questionable manufacturing facilities, lack of transparency and lack of doctor endorsement .

It is easy to find numerous online reviews tout the benefits of these male enhacement pills, however when conducting independant research there was very little to substaintiate these claims other than the overriding need for people to sell this product at any cost.


After scrounging the official website none of the required conditions were met when determing a quality suppliment product:

  • Doctor Endorsed
  • Manufactured in a FDA approved factory
  • Disclosure of the blend of herbs and vitamins in the product
  • Unable to find details about the “Return Policy”

When I did try and contact their sales team to get a better understanding of what was in this product, it was clear that I was re-routed to an off-shore call center reading from a script who was not able to answer any of my questions.

Overall, given huge lack of supportable information I figured it wouldn’t even be worth my time or effort to try and test this product.

Overall, I would say that Virility Ex is another example of a company putting a sub-standard product on the market to take advantage of the increasing demand for male enhancement products.