Various Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 13, 2017 Under: Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have an erection or maintain a full erection sufficiently to engage in sex. This is very frustrating for many men who experience it thinking that they still have the desire and drive to have sex. Erectile dysfunction can be caused and attributed to several reasons. A good number of them could be health reasons affecting a man like stress and anxiety, diabetes, kidney disease and vascular disease. Other reasons could be attributed to medications, hormonal imbalance, tobacco, drinking and drugs.

How to treat erectile dysfunction for the health reason causes mentioned above will of course be the treatment of the health problem. The same would be true on the treatment of erectile dysfunction that is caused by other reasons. The cause has been identified and it is just logical to cure, minimize or eliminate the reason.

For men who have erectile dysfunction but do not have the reasons mentioned previously, the reasons could be lack of exercise, psychological or even both. Penis erection is caused by flow of blood to the penis. Lack of exercise could mean poor blood circulation that is why full erection could not be maintained. Psychological reasons other than stress and anxiety could mean that a man might have some personal thoughts preventing his mind to focus on sex stimuli. In this case, there seems to be lack of interest and drive.

Now, again, the possible reasons have been identified and for this, there are different ways on how to treat erectile dysfunction under these conditions. Younger men, less than 45 years old, will still have enough in them to do various exercises. Exercises like biking, walking, swimming sit-ups and leg stretching sideways will improve blood circulation along with the flow of blood to the penis. For older men, regular walking with longer strides and swimming will make them physically conditioned to have better blood flow to the penis. Stretching the legs sideways alternately while on a squatting position, help strengthen upper inner thigh muscles that aids in penis erection.

Men with psychological problems will have to settle the issue by themselves. Unless they can afford it, they will need to consult with a psychiatrist with their problems. Men with this case should remember that negative thoughts influence their mind to stay out focus and interest in sex. Talking to close friends about what they are experiencing could help resolve issues at the back of their minds. There are some men who have thoughts in their sub-conscious minds that they might not be aware of or could not accept. This would be a difficult psychological problem to resolve.

Overall, the very basic way on how to treat erectile dysfunction is to stay in good physical condition, have a good disposition in facing problems and maintain a good diet. Focus on having a healthy lifestyle. Oxidative stress has been found to cause several ailments and antioxidants can correct this. Having a good nutritional supplement aside from a good diet can help eliminate many of the reasons causing erectile dysfunction.