Tribulus Terrestris

Protodioscin is the active ingredient in Tribulus Terrestris that makes it an effective male enhancement remedy. This is a flowering plant that grows in different parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and even Australia. It was used as a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction and infertility in men in Europe and Asia, long before its active ingredient was identified.

In addition to its male enhancement benefits, Tribulus Terrestris has also had a long history of use in India and China for its properties in reducing the risk of heart disease and angina. It has also been found, in studies conducted on rats, that this plant is helpful in treating low cholesterol and high blood pressure.

As Tribulus Terrestris is a weed, there is no need to give it special care. They grow everywhere where the seeds are thrown. Even though the plant is best suited to dry and sandy conditions, it is capable of growing in almost all climates and soils. Usually, it blooms in the late summer, but it can spread without any extra help because the seeds can be spread by animals and the wind. In addition, the plant doesn’t need to be watered or tended because of its hardy nature.

The effects of Tribulus Terrestris on sexual dysfunction and impotence have been widely studied. More than half a dozen clinical studies have confirmed the herbal benefits of this natural remedy. These studies showed that it is helpful in treating impotence arising out of low levels of testosterone or due to an imbalance in the level of sexual hormones. The ingredient protodioscin works as a natural antecedent to sexual hormones and gets converted into these hormones by the natural enzymes in the body. In fact, the testosterone-increasing feature of this herb is one of the main reasons it is used by body builders, as testosterone helps in building strength and muscle.

Several other studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris is helpful in increasing dehydroepiandrosterone levels. This is a natural substance in the body that plays a crucial role in generating the sex drive or libido. There are no recorded side effects of this natural remedy. If taken regularly, it can help in boosting sexual performance and also cure any sexual dysfunctions. Since it is a natural remedy, it can be expected to show positive results only after regularly taking it for at least a couple of months.

The plant has also been found to help improve performance in sports. However these effects are entirely safe because they are not induced from any steroids, but in a natural way. In addition to being an effective male enhancer, Tribulus Terrestris is also helpful in improving overall endurance, muscular strength and energy levels. This is one of the main reasons why it is not only a powerful ingredient in sports supplements, but it is also helpful in improving sexual performance. So, for people who suffer from different types of sexual issues, this herbal remedy may well provide the solution they have been looking for.