The Truth About Male Stamina

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 17, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

I have sex all the time but I don’t seem to be very good at lasting a long time. There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to turn off my brain in order to delay gratification.

What can I really do about my male stamina so that I can last longer in bed and give my partner more pleasure?

I am not hearing any complaints but I don’t want to wait to get to that point before I try and fix the problem.


Even if you are having tons of sex, you may find your stamina is not increasing because the stimulus is just too much. Masturbation is a great way to help build your stamina. You can work with yourself and figure out how to hold back and work different scenarios to make yourself last longer. You can understand the sensations and learn how to pull back where necessary to make yourself last longer. This gives you a better baseline when you are having sex.

Prolonged Foreplay

Extended foreplay is another way to help your male stamina. You can build your lady up before you start so that it won’t matter as much how long you last. In addition, you can control the closeness you have to the edge of pleasure. You will quickly find yourself building stamina as you toy with the verge before ever starting sex. While it might take awhile to get used to, this again helps you maintain control.

Reducing Stress

Stress is a major cause of many male issues with stamina and satisfaction. Working out your stress through meditation, yoga and other forms of stress relief you can often prolong your stamina. You will find your body is not so desperate to reach climax and you can hold back more easily than ever before. If you have a very high stress job, it is important that you find ways to deal with it if you want to increase your stamina.


Exercise is a way to help increase your male stamina as well. As you have more testosterone coursing through your veins, you also have more endorphins. The happier you are, the easier it is to hold back from climax and last longer. This process quickly becomes evident and you will soon see how much longer you can last. It also helps you from tiring during the process of foreplay and sex in order to get where you are going and help your partner get there too.

The truth about male stamina is that it is quite personal. Everyone responds differently and you should consider male enhancement as well. Often this can help you last longer and reach a more strong erection as well. This often gives you the confidence you need to make yourself last longer and give your girl that much more pleasure. Overall, you have to know your body in order to increase your male stamina and improve your sex life.