Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Are you looking to improve your performance, look and feel younger, build muscle, loose inches around the waist and improve your  stamina?

If your answer is YES, then you need to pay attention to the #1 Male Hormone which regulates all of this – Testosterone!

Yes, the “T” hormone is the principal anabolic and sex hormone in the male human body that is responsible for hair growth, bone density, muscular growth and most importantly sexual desire and function.


The Super Hormone – Testosterone!
Men create about ten times more testosterone then females and men with higher testosterone levels have been shown to have a lower risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure, improved immune function and even small waistlines.

So it would make sense to ensure your testosterone levels are at their optimal levels!

However, as we age this becomes more and more difficult as our bodies have a natural tendency to reduce our natural testosterone production.



We have been lead to believe that testosterone levels in the body are closely linked to the aging process.

As we moved from childhood through adolescence into adulthood, testosterone production was the driving force behind these significant sexual changes.

Unfortunately, as we get older, natural testosterone production in your body will continue to decrease every year.


The Key to Youthful Vitality is Maintaining Your Testosterone Levels
For any man in their twenties or beyond, maintaining high testosterone levels should be of prime importance.

High testosterone levels is the key to increased strength, your body’s ability to burn fat, build muscle and most importantly – virility and a strong libido.

However, our civilized world is hampering and in some cases even reducing the testosterone naturally produced by our bodies.

Daily, our bodies are attacked by the environmental, food and other factors which negatively affect our natural testosterone production.

The results of a new study finds that drops in testosterone levels over time is more likely a result from a man’s behavioral, health or environmental factors – not directly related to aging.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean your testosterone levels need to decrease.

Learn what foods to eat which naturally  increase your testosterone, foods to stay away from which decrease testosterone production in your body and how to supercharge your natural testosterone production to bring virility and stamina back into your life.



Our Environment is Destroying our Ability to Produce Testosterone:

We may live in the most technologically advanced era ever for mankind; however one significant drawback is its negative impact on our ability for our bodies to naturally produce testosterone.

Here are a few simple ways to increase you testosterone levels:

  • Plastics: There are more and more studies showing that plastics are responsible for higher estrogen levels in men and cortisol. Cortisol is the natural testosterone killer – Superman’s kryptonite. It is essential to keep Cortisol levels in the body as low as possible.


  • Reduce Stress: When the body is under stress, it creates Cortisol which reduces (and antagonizes) the testosterone levels in the body. You have worked hard to increase your T levels; don’t let it be robbed from you by stress.


  • Reduce Dioxins: Dioxins are highly toxic substances normally created in the manufacturing process which have been shown to interfere with male reproductive system, including the production of testosterone. Most dietary dioxins originate from non-organic animal fat and dairy products. Rather choose pasteurized, grass-fed animals to reduce your expose to these dangerous chemicals.


  • Wear Loose Underwear:  Tight underwear and jean press the testicles close to the body preventing its ability to create sperm and testosterone production. Testicals intentionally hang away from the body because the body requires a lower temperature to manufacture sperm.


  • Increase your Sleep: Testosterone is produced by the body in the early hours of the morning. If you sleep isn’t restful or you are not getting enough, you are limiting your body’s ability to manufacture this essential hormone.


  • Keep Cell Phones Away From the Body: Every year a faster and more powerful cell phone is made meaning we are increasingly carrying around devices which emit higher levels of radiation. This causes havoc for our bodies – killing sperm and overall just very bad for our bodies. There are a number of health risks associated with cell phone use.


Foods to stay away from:

We all know that some foods are bad for us. Did you know that some foods not only reduce testosterone, but also increasing (the female hormone) estrogen in our bodies?

  • Soy: Stay away from soy. Many reports are coming out that suggestion soy boosts estrogen levels in men. Regardless of the level, stay away from it. Unless you want your own man breasts, stay away from Soy.


  • Beer: If you drink beer, reduce or completely eliminate it from your diet. Not only does it impair your cognitive abilities, it also increases the female hormone estrogen in your body.


Foods to eat (to Increase Your Testosterone):

  • Increase your (natural) fat intake: This includes your omega-3’s 6’s. This can be found in many fish, like salmon as well and meat. Fat is required to metabolize and digest many vitamins and nutrients. It’s good for brain power and libido – Eat a couple of eggs a day.


  • Increase Your Dark Green Food Intake: A good rule of thumb is the darker the color green, the healthier it is for you. Introduce yourself to the collard section of vegetables. The anti-oxidant in dark green vegetables not only fights off aging, but great for heart health.


  • Supplement with Zinc: A zinc deficiency in men is a predictor of low testosterone levels. Boosting zinc levels through supplements or food can help to increase your testosterone levels. Seafood is a naturally high source of zinc and so are Oysters (a famous aphrodisiac).



  • Brazil nuts have a rare mineral in them called Selenium. Many men have been shown to be deficient in this mineral. It is responsible for reproductive function in men. Warning: Selenium toxicity is possible, so only have 1-2 nuts per day.


  • Reduce sugars in your diet: Research has shown that spikes in glucose were enough to drop testosterone levels by up to 25%. Next time you think about eating that candy bar – think twice!


Natural Testosterone Production through Exercise:

What if I told you that there are proven and effective ways to increase your testosterone naturally through three simple exercises? This didn’t involve hours of running on a treadmill or a boring workout routine.

What if I told you that you can naturally build you testosterone levels with only 5 minutes of exercise a day – And it is only 3 different types of exercise?

And, these exercises you can do almost anywhere!

Interestingly enough, these exercises are traditional strong man exercises and they include:

All three of these exercises have been scientifically shown to naturally increase testosterone levels within the body. These exercises work out over 40% of the muscles including the largest muscle groups in the body – quads, back and chest. When you perform these exercises, you are causing tears in these large muscles groups which results in the body naturally increasing testosterone production to aid in the repair of these muscles major muscle groups.

Supercharge Your Testosterone Production with Intensity Training:

Do you want to take your natural testosterone production to the next level? Supercharge the body’s creation of testosterone by including different protocols workout protocols such as the tabata protocol.


The Skinny on Steroids:

No discussion of testosterone is complete without talk of steroids. When someone refers to steroids, they are typically referring to anabolic steroids. There are many street names given to these drugs such as pumpers, gym candy, Arnolds, Stackers, and they are typically used illegally.

These steroids are synthetic substances which are closely related to androgens – male sex hormones. They promote growth of the skeletal muscle development of male sexual characteristics (androgenic effects). Although they are only legally available by prescription by your family doctor for men suffering from abnormally low levels of testosterone or some type of erectile dysfunction – most anabolic steroid use is illegal.

For most men the dangers, side effects and other risk factors far outweigh the benefits of using such drugs.  Not only do steroids come with a long list of warnings the side effects can significant and irreversible. Steroid use has been linked to increased susceptibility to certain types of cancers, high blood pressure, kidney tumors, and liver tumors, trembling, severe, increases in LDL (bad cholesterol) acne, shrinking of the testicles and even male breast development.


What if you just want to boost your testosterone levels without the use of steroids?

Is there an all -natural way to increase your testosterone levels without the use of steroids?


There are all Natural Alternatives:

If you are looking to increase your testosterone levels without the use of steroids, the most popular option among men of any age are HGH Releasers.

HGH Releasers are taken in either pill or oral dose and do not need a doctor’s prescription and are legal in most countries (including USA, Australia & Canada) and do not require any injections. They are also doctor endorsed and work to naturally restore your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels in your body by stimulating the pituitary gland into naturally releasing more of your own HGH.

By increasing testosterone levels in the body, you will notice more energy, increased muscle production, faster recovery times and improved fat loss and most importantly, longer firmer erections and much higher libido.


The One, Two Punch – Knock Out Combination:

To maintain or increase your natural testosterone production, follow the suggestions above – Make sure you stay away from testosterone destroying foods. Do some heavy lifting to boost your natural testosterone levels and for the BEST KNOCK OUT COMBINATION, add GEN F 20 Plus, Hyper GH 14 or Gen FX, to your daily routine.


If you really want to super-charge your natural testosterone production, ensure you include quality HGH releasers to your regime. My personal opinion is Hyper GH 14 if you are active and enjoy working out. If you are a less active individual, GEN F 20 Plus would be your best choice. Both products are equally effective – The ingredients used are specifically formulated for maximum natural testosterone production.

Happy erections and delayed ejaculations,




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