Surgical Male Enhancement

Posted by: Ryan Parker on August 2, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

I have had it. I have finally gotten to the point that I just want my small size fixed permanently. My wife thinks I am totally insane and is fearful of me going in for surgical male enhancement. We can afford it so I don’t see the problem. I am looking for positive stories out there regarding the procedure.

Does it really work? Was it scary? Is there anything to worry about?

Typical Concerns, Very Rare

The truth is the negative side effects of male enhancement surgery are extremely rare, just as they are with all surgery. That being said, some of these side effects cannot be reversed and it is a cause for concern, especially when you are talking about the future of your sex life. Decreased sensation is the one thing most people are worried about and it is a valid concern. If you go to a trusted doctor, it is unlikely that this will happen to you. In addition, remember, a change in size of this type does not increase your pleasure. It is much more about her, a fine thing to think of but know that it has nothing to do with a change in your performance. Of course, if you do have a small decrease in sensation it can make you last longer, also not a bad thing.

Try the Other Methods First

Most men choose to try other methods first. This allows you to give a larger size a test run. Your girl can see what it would be like and you can know what it is like for you. You might find that supplements and creams are not that much of a commitment and could be something that works for you and your sex habits. This means you don’t have to go under the knife or worry about long-term negative side effects that aren’t worth it. Many men stick with this option for a lifetime.

Interview Multiple Doctors

If you do decide to go with the surgery, interview multiple doctors. Get recommendations for your area. Remember, the most expensive does not mean the best. You want to go to someone who is practiced and knowledgeable in this arena. This is not an area where you should skimp or rush as the long-term risks are not worth being lazy. A thorough researching of the options will likely land you with a doctor you are comfortable with and whom you can trust.

Male enhancement surgery is very safe and a great solution when you want your size to be different. There is nothing to worry about and you can get exactly what you are looking for in a matter of hours. The recovery period is not the most fun time in your life, but once that’s done, you have the penis you have always wanted for forever. You don’t have to worry about sticking to a schedule or a plan, it is just set up as you like it, the size you like it, forever.