Staying power in Bed

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 10, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Stamina will have nothing to do much in love-making. The only way it will be of help to make you last longer in bed, is if you are capable of having multiple erections after each orgasm or ejaculation. Loss of interest in sex after ejaculation is often the reason why men do not have the staying power to make a woman completely satisfied. If it’s the same case in bed, a woman might just look for someone who could give her the much cherished orgasm.

It is all in the mind. Will power and self control are the main factors to improve staying power during sexual intercourse. The feeling of reaching orgasm prematurely makes many men want to come right away. Mind control is forgotten by men who would want to get immediately of spilling their juice. The sexual act is where ‘mind-over-matter’ should be applied to gain control over the eagerness of achieving orgasm too early.

The mind should be playful in imagining on what else could be done while having sex. It is a stimulant to have multiple erections and not lose interest in sex. Partners are often in the nude when in bed. As if secretly peeking under the blanket, it lets your mind play with the most interesting parts of the female body. Touching or fondling of those body parts are almost a guarantee of arousal and erection for men. A woman who had not reached orgasm will definitely respond in no time. The bell for round two should sound any time.

The concept for men to last longer in bed should not be misunderstood as sexual intercourse that would last for several hours. It also means being able to go several rounds before being knocked-out by exhaustion. Some younger men could last longer in bed for hours when they have had the ideal number of drinks before having sex. The number of drinks can be 2 to 3 bottles of beer while other men can have more like 4 to 8 bottles to last for hours having sex.

Talking with each other while having sexual intercourse could also get the mind of a man out from the eagerness of ejaculating early. The topic though should be near or around sex and nothing about a topic that could cause loss of interest in sex. Talking in between rounds could also help but it takes more time getting into the act again. A woman could dry up her vagina with length of time and might refuse a second round. That is a technical knockout (TKO). In this case, vaginal lubricant should be within reach. Sure enough, the mere application of the lubricant will arouse both partners.

A man that is not capable of multiple erections can last longer in bed by using mind control again while in the act. Pumping aggressively and too fast makes men ejaculate too early before the woman gets satisfaction. Slow strokes of around two seconds per stroke can delay ejaculation. When the feeling of “coming-on” is imminent, pause for about 30 seconds with your penis inside. If the woman wants to continue on, shift from strokes to grinding or circular motion with full penetration. Having a device as a substitute for withdrawal of your penis will be a good idea. Those options will make sexual intercourse last longer in bed.