Sexual Desire Problems

Men who suffer from decreased or non-existent sexual desire, which includes lack of libido, sexual activity (including masturbation) or fantasies. This lack of sexual desire may also be lack of overall sexual desire or just the current partner.  There are numerous reasons for this, the most common being low testosterone levels in the body and psychiatric conditions such as anxiety or depression.

Sexual desire is typically a “sexual interest” or motivation in sexual  activities and in interest to engage in sexual activities. Sexual desire is a driving force for many people and the importance and significant has given this particular desire many names, including libido, sexual drive, sexual interest, lust, sexual appetite, sexual motivation or even just “wanting”. Sexual desire is a subjective feeling state that can be triggered by both internal and external cues, and that may or may not result in overt sexual behavior. There is no doubt that sexual desire may be the most significant event (sexual) in the lives of men and women.

[message] Did you know that Sexual desire can be influenced by Androgens in men? Did you know that rubbing Oxytocin on a woman has been found to stimulate women to desire and seek out sexual activity?[/message]

Medications Causing Sexual Desire Problems:

Certain prescription medications can cause changes in the level of sexual desire. Many studies have shown that declining levels of sexual desire have been linked to many types of  anti-hypertension medication, psychiatric medications and sedative drugs.  Though it is not used as medication, the drug methamphetamine has a strong positive effect on many aspects of sexual behavior, including sexual desire.