Sex Marathon

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 30, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

For men mostly at the age of 55 and above, they would likely want to know how to last longer during sexual intercourse. Definitely, age is the factor and could be coupled with some health issues. Many too would have probably lost interest in women and no longer have sex drive at the same time. This could also be an effect of excessive drinking alcohol. Sex for them is just relieving themselves for a quickie. Others yet might even think that sex could no longer be the same as it used to be when they were much younger.

Loss of interest in sex for men at that age could be traced to negative thoughts also, like they’re too old to last longer. Their minds would also be entertaining thoughts that their partners do not care anymore on how long they could last in bed. The influences of those thoughts make it more difficult for them to rejuvenate their sex life.

Those interested to know how to last longer in bed should consider having a more active life socially. Talking with friends and associates about sex life and what it can do for them at those ages, will influence a man to take a second look at staying longer in having sex. Men that are not too religious should try to watch porn videos, read sex magazines and stories. Frequent erection while doing these activities exercises the penis to stand up, be proud and stay up. Desire for sex will help them find ways to last longer in bed.

Couples that have been together for decades would have already lost the thrill for sex marathon that they used to have in their younger days. Now, remembering those good old days will trigger erections even at an old age. There is always something in sex thoughts and sex talk that re-invigorates the entire body and mind. The adventures in bed, the positions they have tried, escapades to have sex away from home and the “quickies” is a way on how to last longer in bed by trying to redo them.

Stamina could never be the same as when the men were young. At an old age, substitute stamina with a slower pace in sex. First, it will not tire you easily. Second, ejaculation will be delayed thus staying longer in bed. And third, when love-making is over, there is no extreme exhaustion. This can also pave the way for a second round just like when you had those sex marathons when you were younger. Let the mind control your actions in love-making. Do not be in a hurry and take as much time as you can especially in foreplay. Using delaying creams or pills will help much in staying longer in bed.

Make sure to have fun during sexual intercourse, not just the fun of having sex, but have fun that takes your mind out of your age. Fun that you can have could be recalling memories of your first sex experience, how you watched porn movies secretly, fantasies of making love with an actress, events like having entered a room with a couple having some wild sex and others that would be fun to remember. Age does not matter when you put your mind into it. The use of some device like a vibrator in any instance, either before arousal or after ejaculation, helps to satisfy your partner.