Sex in the mind of Men

Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 9, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Men that have ‘fertile’ minds with fantasies and wild imaginations would always have sex crossing their mind.  This is especially true when they are just by themselves and nothing much to do. In this situation, the mind of a man becomes a workshop for sex.  Men with these thoughts will not have a problem on how to improve sex drive.  The drive is within and it comes naturally for them.  They would have sex at every opportunity they can get.

What about those who do not entertain such thoughts in their mind?  Often, these are men who are too pre-occupied with their job and have nothing in mind but to pursue their career.  They do nothing in bed except to sleep with their backs turned to their partner.  At one point in time, their wife or girlfriend could call their attention for lack of sex drive, if they have not found it yet with someone else.

Now, on how to improve the sex drive of people who don’t seem to have it anymore will depend on their partners and on their selves.  Women should know how to “fertilize” the mind of their partner.  Once a man’s mind is “brainwashed” to have relaxation with sex or love-making, porn videos, magazines and stories will definitely put him in first gear.  A man knowing that he will be active in sex will need to take food that enhances sexual desires.  Popular and readily available food, good in improving sex drive, are like oysters, avocado, dried squash seeds, almonds, strawberries and bananas.  The zinc in oysters and dried squash seeds is a mineral that aids in many processes of the human body.  For men, it helps very much in getting erections.  An erection, most of the time if not always, is a signal for men to have sex.

A man that has been put on first gear for sex drive should proceed until he reaches high gear.  With that mindset at that stage, the role of fantasies and wild imaginations will come into play.  Many men will admit that once their minds have almost reached virtual reality with their sexual fantasies, they would almost want to explode from their penis.  They would resort to masturbation if their partner is not available.

Once a man has started on fantasizing on sex, it is almost as sure as the sky is blue, that he would have other fantasies.  Fantasies can be like starring in a triple X rated movie, having sex with women he adores, being a sex slave or having a sex slave or maybe a cameraman for a sex video.  A man’s imagination is wider than the universe that can create even the wildest dreams just to satisfy him.

A man, who is not able to develop or stimulate his person to improve sex drive, would be able to find pills or devices that could help.  Some get stimulated with sex toys, female vagina or breasts that are lifelike.  It may seem funny and ridiculous that there are some men who get stimulated more out of women replicas.