Rhodiola Rosea

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 31, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

Many cultures all over the world have enjoyed the benefits that Rhodiola Rosea can bring. This plant was first documented in A.D. 77 by Dioscorides, a Greek doctor, in his book De Maeria Medica. During that time, he called it rodia riza. The other peoples such as the Vikings used it because of its properties to give extra energy and endurance.

The Chinese called it the “golden root” also knew that it was special as evidenced by their missions to find it. In Serbia, newlyweds were given this herb as a way to promise that fertility to bless them and that their children would be healthy. This is still being practiced even up today. Asians also used its leaves for medicinal purposes to cure colds from its leaves. It was also used as a medicine to fight other health risks like tuberculosis.

The Soviet Union deepened their study with this herb as they tried to find a way to compete with the West. It was one of their ways to get ahead. This plant is mostly found in Eastern Europe and in Asia. It is known to have properties in healing depression, providing energy and stamina, and even helping get rid of sickness felt when at high altitudes. It can often be found in mountain regions.

Used for Male Enhancement

More study on Rhodiola Rosea in the last few years also showed that it had male enhancing properties as well. This is a recommended herb for men who might have a sexual dysfunction. To know more about the way it works in male enhancement, read below:

1. It provides stamina physically and mentally. This is an important aspect when it comes to sexual intercourse. When a person is stressed out, it will affect his performance. There was a study done that showed that all participants who took at least 100mg of this herb increased their function physically and mentally. Athletes who take it also for example shorten their time needed for recovery. This adaptogen will be able to reduce the stressors that come up in the body whether it comes from a physical or chemical reaction.

2. It lessens cortisol. A lot of cortisol in the body lessens testosterone. This means that it has the potential to lessen one’s energy causing a poor desire for sex. However, the power that Rhodiola Rosea has in reducing it means that there is more testosterone which will create a healthy sex drive.

3. The mood is enhanced. When this is taken, mental stress or fatigue is reduced. Therefore, the brain will be able to carry other functions and signals for mood enhancement. The mind can also focus on the sexual activity which increases performance and satisfaction.

4. Enhances penile function and erection. A study showed that at least 74% of men who took this over a span of 12 weeks increased their sexual function. It helped prevent premature ejaculation.

Rhodiola Rosea is a safe and natural way to improve how one functions in his environment. Because it is known to help in stress reduction and increase body functioning, one can enjoy a sexual appetite and activities.