Prelox Review

From all angles, Prelox looks to be one preparation that could promise fulfillment for men who want to enhance their erectile functions. Prelox is an all natural formulation that has fortified claims to be effective. The only two ingredients that it boasts of being able to deliver the enhancement are L-Arginine and Pycnogenol, amino acid and extract of French Pine Bark, respectively. The synergistic action of both components gives blood flow into the vessel that markedly improves erection responsiveness, sexual stamina and pleasure. Studies made show that Nitrous Oxide has an important role in the flow of blood to the penis and in attaining sexual satisfaction. Nitrous Oxide is produced by the human body from L-Arginine.


• Prelox is available at drugstores, pharmacies and retailers in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
• It is patented and other pending patents.
• Clinical study by Steven Lamm M.D. showed improved erectile function to 81 percent of the men while 78 percent experienced it to be effective. There are only two ingredients that are well defined on the action focused on the genital area.
• Testimonials can be more trusted as the product has proven clinical studies.
• Researches made on Prelox, L-Arginine and Pycnogenol shows the effectiveness for erectile functions.
• It is being sold or distributed by the U.K.s well known and respected pharmaceutical company Boots Pharmaceuticals.
• Retail price is $79.00. offers a low Super Saver price of $39.95 per bottle of 60s. A Super Saver will get 3 bottles every 3 months with savings equivalent to 27% of retail price.


• It could be costly in the long run as taking the pills should go on continuously.
• Initial dose of 2 tablets twice a day for the first 14 days could put some strain in the wallet.
• No money-back guarantee to those who do not respond to the enhancement as indicated.

Overall, Prelox provides a more than satisfactory results from its clinical studies and the researches made on its contents. With its availability in several countries at retail outlets, Prelox is considered to have a general acceptance because of its virtually non-existent side-effects as of yet. With an average of 79 percent satisfaction from a study conducted, it is considered a high rate of contentment from users.

No details or medical report history showed on the 21 percent average who did not respond well to Prelox. Usually non-responding users would have some health or medical issues that were unknown. Oxidative stress is one condition that could hardly be detected prior to studies such as this. It would have been more definitive if the study was made double-blind for patients with the use of placebo. Anyway, taking Prelox and at the same time getting a psychological effect from its use could double the effect. Many men will admit that just the thought of taking something they know will cause erection will trigger the erection outright. Erectile dysfunction happens to older men and before the use of any enhancement pills like this should always be first consulted with a physician.