Penis Pills FAQ

There is much misinformation and hype surrounding penis enlargement pills. Penis pills are still quite new on the market so any bad press so to speak will spread further than the good news. Mike has answered the most frequently asked questions we receive. If your question has not been answered here, you can get in touch.

Q. Do penis enlargement pills work?

A. Penis enlargement pills vary in both quality and price depending on the brand. If you buy cheap pills from a solicited spam email then I highly doubt they will work. More to the point, you may not even receive the pills! Higher quality pills do work as long as if you follow the instructions

Q. How long will it take for me to see results?

A. The amount of time varies from person to person. This is directly affected by your health, metabolic rate, and age. The high quality pill companies recommend using penis pills for 6 months before making the final decision whether they have worked or not. Most of the companies have a money back guarantee so make sure you read that before you buy.

Q. Are there side effects of enlargement pills?

A. Manufacturers have taken great precautions to ensure that the herbal mixes of their products produce the best results with minimal side effects. No negative side effects have ever been reported to us. The only side effect you will encounter is stronger erections!

Q. Can I take penis pills with other medications?

A. Though we are not aware of any contra-indications or problems associated with taking penis pills with medications, you should always consult with the health care practitioner who prescribed any other meds before using them with penis pills (or for that matter, any other dietary supplement including vitamins). Please follow your doctor’s or health practitioner’s instructions.

Q. How do Penis Pills work?

A. We have published information about how most penis pills work and the various ingredients that are added. If you want to know the exact ingredients then you will be best off checking with the companies supplying the pills. To briefly summarize, penis enlargement pills work by increasing the overall size of the cells which store blood within the penis and by increasing the rate in which blood flows to the penis. Penis pills are extremely good for using in conjunction with manual exercises or penis extenders.

Q. Do these pills have a similar effect as Viagra?

A. No, although many users have higher quality, stronger erections because the blood circulation around the penis has increased. Many men simply do not experience erections that are complete- often, certain elements keep the erection less firm than it could be.

Q. How should I store penis pills?

A. Put it in the type of place you would store your vitamins or over-the-counter medicines in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Q. I don’t want anyone else to know what I’ve ordered. Does the packaging have any telltale graphics or names on it?

A. Never! Your privacy is usually kept 100% safe. The packaging is plain, discreet and with no hint as to the contents. If paying by credit card, you card may have a different company name on such as “BMC Naturals” instead of “Roaring-Tiger”.