Penisole Review

Penisole male enhancement product shows to have the following ingredients: Asparagus Racemosus, Saffron, Purified Swaran Makshik, Spanish Pellitory, Purified Trivang, Black Bitumen, Withania Somnifera, Orchis Latifolia, Pureria Tuberosa, Akkal Kara, Dactylorhiza Hatagirea and Mucana Pruriens. Also there is nothing that says on the product what these active ingredients can do to increase penis size. Some FDA approved ingredients that have been proven to be aphrodisiacs and enhancers are not present in the concoction. There is Tribulus Terrestris that improves levels of testosterone and Yohimbe that increases blood flow to the penis.


• Penisole can be ordered online. It is claimed that orders online are safe and secure.
• Ingredients are not chemical and natural ingredients are only used.
• It is not a drug that will have effects on a person’s well being.
• At around $2.00 per pill, it is affordable even to those below middle income group.


• No indication on which of the ingredients is the one mainly responsible for penis enlargement.
• No information on how long it should be taken to take effect or notice improvement of penis size. Or, if the recommended dosage is a maintenance dosage.
• No address of the manufacturer on the box even if some information shows it is manufactured in India. This alone makes it suspicious in nature.
• Testimonials of those who have used Penisole show that they were dissatisfied because there was no effect at all.
• Website claim that ingredient mix of FDA approved herbs and supplements is not an issue.
• No patient trials or clinical studies to prove its efficacy.
• No references to people of authority that may assert the products efficacy.
• No endorsements from medical people and organizations to prove that the product works.
• Even if the product contains natural ingredients, there should still be some precautions on what health conditions could be affected.

Overall, Penisole does not have sufficient proof to show that it really works as a pill for penis enlargement. Even the product’s website does not give details on which ingredients interact to increase blood flow to the penis. For laymen, it will take time for those interested on the product to research on each ingredient to know their immediate effects. Another thing to consider is how well the multi-ingredients would work together for an individual. It is important to know if those ingredients have drug or alcohol interactions. Research could also tell if there are allergic reactions to them.


Penisole is only a supplement that claims to enhance penis enlargement. Supplements can and are used by other parts of the human body. There is no guaranty that all the ingredients are focused towards enlargement of the penis. As indicated in the product website disclaimer, individual results may vary. It is likewise advised that anyone who has health issues should consult a physician or health care provider. In short, Penisole is not completely safe. As with any other health pill or supplement, it is still best to take necessary precautions in taking Penisole as its ingredients have not been proven to be like the widely accepted vitamins and minerals.