Penis Pumps

Using penis pumps is a way for men to try to increase the size of their organ. Preference for this device could be due its pump action that could easily narrate to an inflating device. Inflation of the penis is the immediate thought by men with the word pump alone. Extender devices could be taken into context as an attachment or extension of the penis. Another male organ enhancer called “jelq” is an out of this world word that can hardly be associated with a penis enlarger for many.

Penis pumps are easy to understand what they are but not really that easy to use as an enlarger for the male organ. To make it clear, the action of the pump is suction and not inflation. The suction will cause an erection and usually with the aid of a ring to be put to the base of the penis. The ring prevents blood from flowing away from the penis thus maintaining a hard-on for a longer time. It is suggested that the ring should not hold the erection for not more than thirty minutes as it could cause irreversible harm.

Marketers of the penis pumps would have testimonials on their advertisements or websites from men who claim to have increased the size of their penis with the use of the pump. The testimonials are however hardly documented compared to trials made medical authorities. Improvement or enhancement from pumps might only benefit some men who are in a physical condition to be able to achieve it. Patient studies made for men did not show marked improvement with use of pumps for penile elongation. One study took six months before checking on the results that were not encouraging.

The benefit found in the use of penis pumps in another study, where men were suffering from curvature disease of the penis, was correction of the curvature. There was an increase in length of about half a centimeter. However, there was no indication if it was the straightening of the penis that made it longer. The increases were not significant but it was found out that some of the men had psychological satisfaction after the use of the pumps. With these studies, it shows that not being endowed with a normal or larger penis could be just something in the mind and not a real sex problem.

The problem of men suffering from erectile dysfunction benefit most from penis pumps. The pumps induce erection of the penis which directly benefits men with such cases. As mentioned earlier, the erection from a pump could be maintained with a ring for not more than half an hour. This length of time should be satisfactory for men with erectile dysfunction that could hardly maintain full erection for 10 to 15 minutes. Many women do not reach orgasm in thirty minutes or even an hour. If the enhancement provided by the pump is not sufficient, other devices can be used to make a woman reach her orgasm. Using the pump again after a rest will cool down the sexual intercourse and might not be advisable for some men with health issues.