Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 10, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

Oysters are well known all over the world to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It has made its mark in history and even in the myths and legends as a food that can be attributed to love. The Romans were very fond of it and thought highly of it so much that they bought them with gold. There is also a report that they sent out slaves to gather these shells on the English Channel. Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love, was born from an oyster shell and gave birth to her son Eros. It was this act that coined the term “aphrodisiac”. Oysters were popular during the ancient times dating as far back as the Neolithic period.

We see oysters today served on crushed ice with some toppings like seaweed. It looks very luscious on its mollusk shells. Oysters are sometimes served raw or it can also be steamed or boiled. Oysters are abundant in all parts of the world especially in areas near the sea. A lot of money has been spent transporting oysters to countries or states that do not have fresh oysters available to them. Everyone wants a taste of what oysters can do for them.

What can Oysters for you?

Simply put, oysters make a potent aphrodisiac because it contains the mineral zinc. Zinc is key when it comes to male enhancement; it is also important for women too. Zinc can help the immune system and is known to help in the production of testosterone. Testosterone is needed for a good sexual drive by boosting the sexual desire. Sometimes erectile dysfunction happens because there is not enough zinc and testosterone in the body. A closer look into a male orgasm will show that 15mg of zinc is lost in one ejaculation. Note that and compare it o the recommended intake of 11mg of zinc for men. Men simply need more zinc in their bodies.

While there are other food that contain zinc, a few bites of oysters will be able to give you a good value. One of the classic examples of a great and famous lover is Casanova. His character was reported to eat 12 dozen oysters every day.

In addition, zinc actually helps improve physical appearance because it promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair. It also plays a role in promoting the growth of tissue. On top of that senses such as smell and taste work better when zinc is present in the body. To add to that, your partner who watches you eating the oyster may also be turned on by seeing you touch and suck on the oyster’s slippery body. Appearance and senses contribute to arousals and healthy foreplay. If you feel that you have lost a portion of your sense of smell, check to see if you have a zinc deficiency.

Oysters have been known to enhance libido which is also good when faced with impotence and fighting the effects of aging. Besides the advantages of it improving one’s sex life, it is an overall healthy food that is a good choice to eat.