Over the Counter Male Enhancement

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 21, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

Male enhancement is something that a lot of men are not comfortably talking about because the term can mean two very different things. It can be used to describe performance problems that have to do with arousal and staying power. It can also be used to describe issues concerning the size and thickness of the penis. If you go into any pharmacy or big box store you are guaranteed to find an aisle of over the counter male enhancement products that will claim to solve either of these problems or even some that shout that they can knock out both with one pill.

The thing is, do any of these products work?

How Male Enhancement Products Work?

Before you go spending money on the latest and greatest over the counter male enhancement product you had better understand why these products work. This will let you determine if the one you are considering is worth the investment or not. Issues about arousal and staying power can stem from several different sources. Stress is a huge factor that can diminish both your ability to become aroused and your ability to maintain an erection.

Unresolved issues such as grief and anger can also play a large part in shutting down that mind/body connection. But there are also other practical issues you need to examine as well. Poor health, illness and the side effects of medications can also be the cause of a lack of arousal and inability to stay erect. If you can determine that this may be the source of your problem – don’t waste your money on over the counter male enhancement products – go right to your doctor and look at your options from a medical point of view. If you think that the issue is stress, then many of the products will work because they use herbal formulas to increase your circulation and to relax your body.

What about increasing size?

Some over the counter male enhancement products can work to increase your erection size and width for the very same reason that they work to increase arousal and maintain erection. By increasing your circulation, more blood can flow to the penis when aroused and you can experience a much fuller erection.

What is the best thing to do?

If you are having a consistent problem with performance you should see your doctor first. Eliminate medical and health issues before looking to over the counter male enhancement products. Don’t just buy something because it is advertised to do wonders, read the ingredients and then go home and look them up on line. Make sure that the ingredients listed have a history of success with male enhancement. The information is easily found and many of the product sites make the reports available to you so you can be an informed consumer. The other piece of advice you should keep in mind is that none of these products are going to work overnight; you need to take them for 3 to 4 weeks to truly know if they are going to be effective. Give them a try, but give them adequate time to work.