Orexis Review

Orexis can be found in several retail stores online. This is a male enhancement pill that is manufactured by Urban Nutritionals. On their website, the information seems to be exaggerated. This raises red flags because it gives the feel that it will solve all sexual activity issues. This product claims that it can help men sustain a hard and longer erection. On top of that, it claims to help provide men longer endurance and increase of stamina. It comes at an affordable price which makes it easier for men to get their hands on it.

Orexis Details

These capsules are recommended to be taken on a regular basis. It can be used as a daily supplement. For those who are about to engage in sex, it is best to take it 45 minutes before the sexual activity.

Users need to be warned however that there is not information regarding this product even on its official website. The manufacturer also stopped in its production of this product. There is a warning for those who have cardiovascular ailments not to take this product. It uses the ingredient of Yohimbe which actually contributes to an increase of blood pressure. Other ingredients are Rowdy Weed, Catuaba, and Damiana Leaf. Since there is not much information regarding the capsule, it is known however that the latter ingredients are actually used in traditional methods of solving sexual performance issues.

Positives About Orexis

• Information can be found on the manufacturers or official website.
• There are customer testimonials.
• It is affordable plus it has a 30 day returns policy.
• Some of the ingredients have been acknowledged and tested.
• Made with natural ingredients.
• Can be found in several retail stores online.

Negatives About Orexis

• There is no scientific study to prove the whole effect of Orexis.
• It includes Yohimbe but does not give a clear warning as to who should not take it.
• It lacks the ingredient of L-Arginine which is included in other products because of its quality in promoting better blood flow which is needed in order to sustain sexual activity.
• Not enough information on the manufacturer.
• There is no set information or terms on the returns policy.

Orexis Bottom Line

Orexis can be bought at the price of $25.95 per bottle which has 60 capsules. Discounts are given for larger purchases. It comes at an affordable price and is competitive to other sex enhancing pills available in the market. However, one should note that the manufacturer does not make this product anymore and there is no explanation on its official site. Plus, this product is not for everyone especially older men who generally struggle with keeping a good blood pressure. The ingredient Yohimbe is the ingredient that men should be cautious about. Customers who shared their testimony on this product come from opposing viewpoints since there is the good and the bad. Users must remember that there are no scientific studies to support what it claims to do for men.