Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 2, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

Nutmeg is a very popular plant which is used for culinary purposes. It is used by a lot of cooks in order to create nice-smelling dishes. But aside from its very popular aroma, it also helps enhance the taste of any cuisine. There are so many ways to use it in cooking. For example, in India, the herb is used to enhance sweet and savory dishes. In Japan, it is used for curry powder. Aside from using the plant in traditional dishes, it is also mixed with beverages. It is a major ingredient in drinks such as the Bushwhacker, Barbados Rum Punch, and the Painkiller.

Aside from culinary reasons, people also use Nutmeg for medicinal purposes. The following are some of the medicinal benefits that this herb offers:
Pain relief – It was the ancient Chinese who discovered that this herb is great for pain relief. Aching joints, muscle pain, abdominal pain, arthritis, and inflammation – these are just some of the things that the plant can cure.
Sweetness of breath – The Hindus have long been using the herb to enhance their breaths. This is because the plant has anti-bacterial properties. Because it can kill bacteria inside the mouth, it is not a surprise why this plant is a common ingredient in toothpastes.
Liver detoxification – Too much toxic in the liver can cause it too fail. But with the help of the plant, people can enjoy a clean and healthy liver.
Skin disorders –The ancient Arabs used the plant to treat various skin disorders. Scrubs made from the powder of the plant can be rubbed on the skin to remove acne. It also helps make skin smoother and healthier.

Surprisingly, Nutmeg has been found out to be a good aphrodisiac. Hindu medicine states that this type of plant can help a lot in the management of male sexual disorders. A research conducted in India showed how effective the plant is when it comes to the improvement of sexual performance.

Extracts from the plants were used in lab rats and the following are the findings:
1. The subjects increased their sexual activity
2. Reduction in the post ejaculatory interval and mounting latency
3. Increased erections
4. Aggregate of penile reflexes

It is interesting to note that the extract from the plant does not produce any adverse effects on the subjects. That is why it is safe. The researchers have concluded that the plant should definitely be used to manage the sexual disorders in males.

Because of the findings, it is recommended for men who are having problems with their sexual performance to consume Nutmeg. Foods which contain this ingredient should be a part of the diet. It would be best if men also include other aphrodisiacs in their diet. Other forms of aphrodisiacs include oysters, cashews, and red meat. Other foods which are rich in zinc should be consumed as well.