Naturamax Product Review

The product penis enlargement pill Naturamax show on both their website homepages but does not provide any detailed information. A couple of paragraphs only describe what it can do to enlarge the human male penis. On ingredients, there is some discrepancy as the .org international website only shows 12 ingredients in contrast to the 16 ingredients shown at the .net U.S. website.

The 12 ingredients listed are Ginko Biloba, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, Maca, L-Arginine, Licorice Root, Nettle Leaf and Cayenne. The 16 ingredients with milligram content listed at the U.S. website are Zinc – 50mg, Maca – 250mg, Catuaba – 100mg, Muira Puama – 75mg, L-Arginine – 250mg, Oatstraw – 150mg, Nettle Leaf – 75mg, Cayenne – 50mg, Pumpkin Seed – 20mg, Sarsaparilla – 25mg, Orchic Substance – 75mg, Licorice Root – 20mg, Tribulus – 50mg, Ginseng Blend – 125mg, Astragalus – 25mg and Boron – 2mg. The question on the 16 ingredients is that Zinc content shows and also Pumpkin seeds that have high Zinc content also show.


• Natural ingredients seem to be the similar with better known penis enlargement pills that could give it some due credit.
• Online orders are available for the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.
• A 3-month supply virtually gives a discount just a little short of one bottle of 60s at $59.90. A bottle of 60s purchase online costs $59.95. Money back guarantee is assured for those not satisfied.


• Inconsistency of the ingredients listed on both websites is a big question especially with the U.S. website seemingly not aware of the high Zinc content of pumpkin seeds.
• Why have two different websites that are inconsistent in ingredient content?
• If the Zinc content is truly separate from pumpkin seeds, will it be a synthetic chemical that now contradicts the statement that the pill is all made of natural elements?
• No clinical studies to show if the pill is effective.
• No endorsements from any medical professional or from any respectable medical outfit.
• Does not show the manufacturer of the formulation.
• No physical address that shows on both websites aside from telephone numbers to be called.

The number one consideration for any formulation as published or indicated in the labels is the ingredients and milligram contents. For example, an interested user sees the ingredients at the international website, orders the pills, then, upon receipt of the bottles ingredients will be more than what the website shows. Immediate suspicion will be cast on the pills as they might not be genuine. This could cause alarm and a reason for buyers to contact support regarding the matter.

The intriguing part with reference to the websites is that there are still other pages not consistent with each other. The international website which is a dot net does not have a page that describes and details the ingredients. Ingredients are only list in their FAQ page. When talking about quality and if ever the U.S. is the manufacturer, the quality and information of both contents should be closely similar. If the simple quality of their websites is questionable, there might also be a question on the quality of their products.