Natural Male Enhancement Techniques

When it comes to male enhancement, there are a number of ways to improve your sex life, increase penis size and improve libido and start having the best sex in your entire life.

Not everyone is the same, so everyones requirements may be different in terms of what you are looking to achieve and your goals. However, here is a list of the most common natural male enhancement techniques.

Male Enhancement normally deals with techniques and methods to increase penis size. Although this is possible, other dimensions such as libido, increased sez drive, improved self-confidence should also be part of the plan you devise for yourself.

It has been shown that improvments in the bedroom result in increase confidence in other areas of mens lives.

Most Common Techniques:

  • Surgery
  • Non-Prescription Pills and Supplements
  • Prescription Pills
  • Use of Mechanical Devices
  • Male Enhancement Exercises
  • Sexual Foods and Herbs


Male enhancement surgery, also known as Phalloplasty has been used for many years to treat and remediy a number of medical conditions.  There are a number of surgical methods for male enhancement, depending on whether the goal is to increase lenght, width or both.  To increase penis girth, fat from one part of the body is used and surgically attached around the penis.  Surgen’s are able to increase penis length up to 2-3 cm through this process. To increase penis length, ligaments which hold the penis to the pubic bone are cut and extended. Both techniques are highly effective at increase penis size – whether it be girth or lenght.

However, surgery is invasive  may seem like an extreme measure to take for man many. Fortunatly, there are a number of other options available.

Non-Prescription Pills & Supplements:

The online marketplace has been swamped in recent years with natural or herbal “penis pills” and many claims of such supplements being able to not only increase penis length and girth but also to increase libido, sexual stamina, reduce premature ejaculations, and increase the overall enjoyment of sex.  There are products which I highly recommend and others which I believe are a complete waste of money.

There are scientific results backing some of these claims and we go indepth to understand, analise and determine which male enhancement pills work and which ones are just vitamin supplements. Visit here for more information on the Recommended Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements.

Prescription Pills:

With all the fan fare, advertising and success of Viagra, there is no reason anyone should not be aware of this male enhancement drug. Viagra and it’s biggest competitor Cialis are brand names for the drugs  for the active ingredients - Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalifil, respectiely.

Sildenafil Citrate is a highly effective drug commonly used and now the standard treatment for erectile dysfuction. A few years later, Tadalifil was found by scientists to be a enzyme inhibitor causing penile erections.

The downside to prescription drugs are the side effects, higher cost and need for a doctors prescription in many countries.

Use of Mechanical Devices:

Although there are literally hundreds of male enhancement devices on the marketplace, there are all variations on a theme or technique.  Many of these penile devices are based on techniques and devices which work and have been around for many years.  There is a lot of heated debate whether these devices work or not.  I will go into the science, clinical studies and my very own personal experiences to express which techniques and products are effective.

Types of Mechanical Devices:

  • Penis Pumps
  • Penile Extenders
  • Jelqing Devices

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are universally a long cylindrical tube which is placed over the penis and then the air in the tube “pumped” out, causing a vacuum in the cylinder and resulting in the expansion of the penis within the cylinder. Done correctly, this has been shown to increase both penis girth and length.

Penile Extenders

These are devices which attached to the groin and shaft of the penis and through gentle and progressive pulling of the penis has been shown to result in increased penis length.

Jelqing Devices

To Jelq, or also known as Jelqing is said to be an ancient Arab exercise technique used to warm up the penis – Think of if as calisthenics for the penis. Although Jelqing can and has for hundreds of years been done by hand, there are products on the marketplace selling Jelqing devices.

Male Enhancement Exercises

There is a lot of overlap between Male Enhancement exercises and male enhancement devices, since many of the devices are employed in the exercise. Male enhancement exercises have been around for hundreds of years and used by many cultures around the world. For an explaination of the exercises alone, here they are:


Likely known as the oldest of the male enhancement exercises, Jelqing is a technique to gently manipulate the penis over a period of many months to assist with extension of penile length.  For more indepth information about Jelqing, visit the Art of Jelqing.


There are many claims to support the effectiveness of stretching exercieses to aid in the increase legnth of the penis. Often times for the most effective results, an “extender” (special piece of equipment) is required to accomplish this.


Ballooning is an exercise to extend in inner walls of the penis by holding back the ejaculate by placing your hand firmly over the head of the penis as you are about to ejaculate.

Sexual Foods and Herbs:

Aphrodisiac’s or foods which stimulate sexual desire have been with us since the beginning of time. From ancient African tribes to many indigenous tribes around the world, the use of aphrodisiac’s has been with human culture since the beginning of time.  Follow me as I test, taste and report on which are the best sexual herbs and foods available to us. Many of these foods are commonly available in our local stores and shops. I’ll show you how to prepare them, dosages , which work the best and when to use them.

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