Natural Male Enhancement Herbs

Posted by: Ryan Parker on December 7, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement, Male Enhancement Supplements

If you are looking to take natural male enhancement herbs to increase your stamina and performance you may be encountering a bit of a problem. Not only is there an incredible variety of herbal formulas to choose from but the dosage varies greatly from product to product.

How can you know how much is right to take for you?

These may be herbs but too much of anything can cause a problem and too little is just a nice way to pour money down the drain.

If these herbs are not regulated by the FDA, then they haven’t undergone the kind of clinical trials that allow pharmaceutical companies to determine exact dosages, so how to figure it out?

The Theory of Dosing

There are several main factors involved developing an effective dosage amount. The first is the severity of the problem. There is going to be a difference between how much natural male enhancement herbs have to be taken if you are incapable of an erection versus if you are just looking to gain back some of the stamina from youth. Another issue will be your current weight and fitness. The larger you are and the more body fat you have the more you may have to take – however – and here is where you may have to do some more research on your own – fat can affect dosage in two ways.

For one, it can require more because the herbal formula may be absorbed and stored in the fat rather than remain within the circulatory system to do its job properly. Two, because fat can store herbs you may have to take them less often if you are also exercising and using that fat as fuel. As the fat is used, the herb is released back into the body.

Fitness levels are huge because your level of fitness effects your circulation. With good circulation, you may need less of an herb than if you are mostly sedentary. Finally, in considering what factors may affect dosage amount you have to look at what other supplements and medications you take as well as how healthy your diet is to know if a higher dosage is needed to counterbalance any side effects or poor nutrition.

The Basics

The basic way to approach figuring out how much natural male enhancement herbs you need to take is to start with the manufacturer’s recommended dosage and take that for at least three weeks. If you experience any unpleasant side effects you should stop taking it. If you experience some benefit but not as much as you would like, begin to make adjustments around the herbs first before you choose to take more than what is recommended.

Keep a daily journal of what you have eaten, sleep habits, fitness routines and stress levels and week by week make a change to one of those areas to become healthier. Do this for another 3 weeks while still taking the same amount of natural male enhancement herbs and see if this increases their positive effect.