Muira Puama

Also known as the Viagra of the Amazon, Muira Puama is an actively used herb which is a strong energy tonic that has been used for centuries to improve overall health and to treat sexual insufficiency and impotence. It is also used for improving physical and psychological aspects related to sexual function and libido, neurasthenia and menstrual cramps, soothing the nervous system and treating exhaustion.

This herbal remedy has also been used for reproductive and gastrointestinal disorders, traumas and stress. Known locally as “potency wood” and scientifically as “olacoides Ptychopetalum”, Muira Puama is a tree which grows in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. It is the roots and the bark that are used primarily in making the medicine. The natives traditionally used it for treating loss of libido, rheumatism or neuromuscular problems.

The roots and bark of Muira Puama contain essential oils, lupeol, coumarin, plant sterols and high amounts of alkaloids. Studies were conducted on rabbits, and it was found that this herbal remedy helps in relaxing the corpus cavernosum in the penile tissue. Another study indicated that it can block an enzyme known as Acetylcholinesterase. By doing this, the potency wood helps in increasing the percentage of acetylcholine in the nervous system and this can be helpful in treating conditions like poor memory and even Alzheimer’s disease. Acetylcholine is a type of neurotransmitter that can also help dilate blood vessels located in the genital locations.

The natives have been using Muira Puama to fight aging and to enhance their mood, which can be attributed to the huge antioxidant content in this herb. A study conducted using the roots of the tree found that the recipients displayed noteworthy improvement in sexual desire and erectile function. The natives of Amazon have used it as an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

The immediate effects of Muira Puama include improving blood flow into the pelvic area and improving penile erection. When used over a long period of time, it helps in improving production of sexual hormones. This herbal remedy has also been in regular use as a nerve system stimulant, as a remedy for stress and also for general well-being and overall health. It is also believed by scientists that it helps in increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

The traditional significance of Muira Puama has moved forward into modern herbal medicine, and is extensively used for a number of reasons. In addition to treating sexual impotency, it is also used as a neuromuscular tonic. Other conditions where it can help include paralysis, asthenia, chronic rheumatism, ataxia or disorders of the central nervous system. It is widely used in Europe for treating infertility, impotency, menstrual problems, dysentery and neurasthenia.

Even though many aphrodisiacs have been widely marketed throughout history, Muira Puama has continued to maintain its aphrodisiac properties through the centuries. It is one of the most effective and natural remedial solutions for treating loss of libido in men. So, if you are suffering from any related issues of a sexual nature, you can use this natural herbal solution.