Men’s Kegel Exercises: Sex Exercises For Men

Posted by: Ryan Parker on December 14, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

What the mind can do is really amazing, especially when it comes to sex exercises for men.  When it comes to Men’s Kegel Exercises, all the brain has to do is to command some muscles to do some hold and release that can be done almost anywhere.  Men’s Kegel exercises is done by letting the mind control voluntary muscles involved in elimination of waste.  This exercise was initially recommended for women after giving birth.  The purpose was for women to be able to sort of “contract” or shrink back the passage that expanded while giving birth.

Later, it was discovered to be beneficial also for men to do men to do Kegel exercises to help delay ejaculation.  Good control of the muscles involved in controlling urination often results to controlled ejaculation.  The exercise is simple because it is just practicing to hold the urge to urinate.  Even if the penis is highly sensitive to the actions of making love, the ability to hold off ejaculation will assure longer time of performance in bed.

The men’s Kegel exercises will not give instant results.  As with other exercises, there is a program to follow.  The first stage will be to practice a repetition of holding or clenching the muscles and releasing them within twenty seconds.  Then do the same repetition for the same length of time after resting for around fifteen seconds.

The succeeding stage of the exercise should be increased by an increment of ten seconds for each exercise and the rest in between.  The exercises will no longer be repetitive hold and release.  Instead, it will be required to hold or clench, at the start, for thirty seconds or for as long it can be clenched. Then rest for the same length of time that you were able to hold before doing it for a second time.  The final exercise will be to try and hold for as long as can be, maybe up to one or two minutes.

Men could also practice the exercise even while urinating.  Of course while urinating, it would be the repetitive hold and release.  It is not advisable though to practice Kegel just to hold or delay urination for a long time as it could lead to bladder problems.  Ideal results from men’s Kegel exercises could be in 3 to 6 months time, depending on frequency of exercising.  Naturally, the more frequent, the experience of being able to control ejaculation for a good length of time will be realized sooner.

Before doing the exercise make sure that the exercise will not run counter to any existing health condition.  To be sure, consult with a medical practitioner if it is alright to do Kegel exercises for any health condition you might have.  Should the exercise be not recommended, alternatives will have to be considered.  Delaying creams or probably even devices that would help overcome premature ejaculation are available for those who are not in a condition to do the exercises.

Men in good health and physical condition should not have a problem with the men’s Kegel exercises.  The exercise will always have good results for staying longer in bed and to the satisfaction of the partners.  This is an exercise that could be said that it is all in the mind.