Male Nutrition: Diet in healthy foods for better sex

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 11, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

When it comes to male nutrition, all of us men have basically the same nutritional requirements for a healthy lifestyle.  As a person ages, there would be some changes on the vitamin and mineral needs at every stage of development.  Adult males and females will also have slightly different nutritional needs.   Daily routines vary, depending on the work done, and there will be people who would require more nutritional supplement than others.  For people who are more physically active at work, they will need more energy than those who do simple desk jobs.  Jobs involving heavy mental activity will need a different set of vitamin requirements compared to those who are more involved in manual jobs.

Where sexual activity is a concern, male vitamins are needed by men for the best male nutrition. Women would not need extra nutrition for sex other than what they regularly have.  Men are the initiators in making love and the satisfaction of a couple from sexual intercourse highly depends on the man’s ability and capacity.  It’s like men telling women, “just lie down on the bed and I’ll take care of the rest”.  The virility and vitality of men to perform well in bed should be well supported by vitamins and minerals.  Foods that help in virility are those like oysters, almonds, walnut, tomatoes, ginger, onions and chili.  These are often considered to be aphrodisiacs.

The food that men eat might not have sufficient vitamins to give them the energy needed to stay longer in bed.  The basic male vitamins required for younger men below 45 years old, are just a few, provided they are in good health.  The vitamins are Vitamin B3, B12, B9, C and E.  Several multivitamin preparations have all these vitamins included along with other vitamins and minerals.  So, taking multivitamins with this at the prescribed frequency will be enough as supplement to men’s diets.

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, helps in blood circulation and increased blood flow to the penis for erection.  It also aids in the production of sex hormones.  Vitamin B12 helps prevent being too tired and weak to perform in bed.  Men too focused on their job often complain of being exhausted once they get home.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves sperm activity and helps in erectile dysfunction.  This vitamin has long been revered to be an ideal vitamin for those who have an active sex life. Vitamin B9, known also as Folic Acid, when combined with Zinc, increases sperm count and reduces abnormal sperms.   Foods rich in folic acid are asparagus and avocado. The other well known antioxidant is Vitamin C.  Aside from the main benefits of this vitamin, it is also for increased flow of blood thus it helps Niacin for that effect.

Other vitamins will be required for older people as they may be deficient with some from their diet.  Male nutrition for men aged 50 and above should consult their doctors on the essential male vitamins they need for a better sex life.  Definitely, there are multivitamin preparations available that may be recommended or prescribed for older men.  Health conditions of older men affect their sexual health and by taking the right vitamins their sex life should greatly improve.