Male Enlargement: Is it Possible?

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 29, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

I have been considering the various forms of male enlargement. I don’t know what works best or what is truly worth it. I have heard stories of the surgical solutions, but I must admit I am too scared to go that direction given the potential side effects.

Am I the only one who is too scared to go in this direction for fear that it will be broken altogether?

Normal Surgical Fear

Most men are scared of male enhancement surgery because of the potential of loss of sensation or problems during surgery. The truth is, no man would perform this surgery if this was a common side effect or issue with the process. No man would voluntarily go under the knife to possibly lose all of his sexual future just for a little added size. With that in mind you should realize just how safe the male enlargement process is. In general men have a great, positive response to this surgery and in the end they get the penis they want for the rest of their lives. It is normal to be slightly scared, but it really isn’t that big of a concern.

Other Alternatives

If you cannot get past your surgical fears or if you decide it is something you don’t want to even consider, go with supplements, creams or pumps. These are very effective ways to get you more size when it matters most. You can easily see a difference when you are excited and your partner will notice the increase in size as well. Often these options give you a greater sensation as well. As the blood flow increases to the region, you will notice an even bigger pleasure feeling when you are in the middle of sexual activity. This often makes it the preferred option.

Things to Consider

You need to consider what is best for you. If you are in a committed, permanent relationship you may wish to try some of the supplements first in order to choose a size that works for both of you. While men think bigger is always better, not all women would agree. You should also consider your future and what you want. Supplements are something you can use forever, but if you want to free yourself from that sort of commitment, surgery might be a better option. Take your time before making a final call, either way you are sure to have a bit more fun in the bedroom.

Many people joke about male enlargement thinking it is not possible. It is possible and there are many ways you can increase your size. Determine what is most important to you, size during sex or size all the time. That is the first part of choosing between supplements and creams and surgery. If you are willing to just worry about during erection size, surgery might not be for you. No matter what direction you go, there is nothing to be scared of, the surgery comes with very little risk.