Male Enhancement Products: Bigger isn’t always better

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 20, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Men not endowed with appreciable sized organs have apprehensions when thinking of having sex with a woman.  Although it is not really an issue for satisfying women in bed, stories and jokes going around about men having small penis can get to them.  It gets worse when in the men’s room with friends to find out he’s got the ‘least’ of them all.  It becomes the butt of a joke among friends that could lead to sexual inhibitions.

When a man takes seriously the lack of the size of his penis, the tendency is to look for male enhancement products to increase its size.  Some penis might have the right girth but considerably shorter compared to others of the same girth.  A guy with this short size will have to find a device that could increase the length of his penis.  There are some suggested ways to ‘massage’ an erect penis to increase blood flow.  The exercise or massage often fails because the person should not reach the point of ejaculation or orgasm.  In reality, it is difficult especially for those who do not have self control.

Now, male enhancement products are not necessarily confined to enlargement of the penis.  Male enhancement could generally mean enhancement of male features and capabilities.  Looks and manly presence that women look for in a man are more often the factors in getting women to bed.  No woman would want to go to bed with a man with a 12 inch tool but stinks and can be mistaken for a pre-historic man or the mysterious Big Foot.

Men should remember that women do not look first at a man’s penis before looking at his personality.  It is the other way around.  Even with married couples, the wife knows what the husband has between his legs, but what matters to her is how he treats her well.  Now treating a woman well and maintaining proper grooming with male enhancement products will even make wives jealous and suspicious.  Just don’t overdo it.

Enhancing looks for men will depend on hairstyle, built and general body configuration.  Even from afar, many women could pick out the man that they would fall for.  That’s enhancement from a distance.  Male enhancement products are also available for ‘close quarters’.  This would mean the scent, details of clothing and general personality.  It happens often that women get turned off when face-to-face with a man they thought was ideal from afar.  Of course there’s no enhancement product for a hunk of a man that’s got a voice of a kid.

Overall, a man should be a man in all aspects and consideration.  On physical aspects, there should be no doubt that he is a bonafide man.  Looks can be deceiving and it is one thing that women would not want.  It is a reference for women to say that a man is a liar.  Men should always know the measure of the woman they have or would want to have.  In this way, they would know what male enhancement products will be of good use for them.