Male Enhancement Foods

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 5, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement Foods

I have heard there are certain male enhancement foods that can increase your libido as well as help with stamina. Is that true? Why would food affect your libido and does it override my current state of stress where I seem to never want to have sex because I am exhausted all the time?

General Answer

Aside from the specific male enhancement foods that are known to help your libido there is a general answer as to why certain foods help with your sex drive and that is balance. When you are exhausted all the time, it can be from lack of sleep but it often times has to do with your diet and exercise plan. It is really a catch-22 when it comes to exercise as you feel too tired to exercise but it will give you the endorphins you need to feel more energized. In addition, making sure you have the right balance of vitamins, electrolytes and minerals allows your body to run more efficiently giving you more energy at the end of day. By utilizing true body chemistry and listening to what your body requires, you are better set up to have energy for sex as well as the stamina you desire.

Food Specific

You can find a million food lists out there about libido but very rarely do you find the reason behind the so called “magic” food. For example oysters, while everyone knows they are known as a aphrodisiac, did you realize it is because they are high in zinc? Zinc increases sperm and testosterone production and thereby makes your libido higher. While they are an “erotic” food, they don’t really do anything for women, so feeding them to her is more foreplay than libido strengthening. If you are looking to increase her libido consider celery, as it contains androsterone which you will release from your pores and it turns women on. Again a food you should consume not her.

Bananas are high in potassium and the bromelain enzyme that help to balance your electrolyte function. Avocado helps you metabolize proteins and gives you more energy. The end result, a higher libido. Nuts are a good source of protein and fatty acids. This helps with your production of hormones and gives you more energy at the same time. Nuts are best consumed raw for this effect. Overall, these healthy male enhancement foods are making your body healthier which in turn makes you more primed for sex.

Food for sex is not an end all; one size fits all kinds of solutions. The true meaning of it has to do with your body chemistry. You should eat foods and exercise in a way that makes you happier and more apt to want sex. This desire and change in energy increases your libido and your output. You will quickly find that this solution is one of the most simple and can be aided with the use of various vitamin supplements, often known as over the counter male enhancement drugs.