Male Enhancement Exercises: Do They Really Work?

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 7, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement, Male Enhancement Exercises

Good health and proper physical conditioning are important for men at all ages. Older men, 50 years old and above, might not be able to do physical exercises that they may have been doing during their younger days. Sporting activities are actually exercises that condition almost the entire body of men. Men active in physical sports activities even until middle or late 40s will definitely have much vigor in sex even when they become older. Their physique can be referred to as well toned and conditioned.

Male enhancement exercises that will be discussed here are focused more for men that are aged 50 and above. Why, because they have reached the age where many feel that physical fitness in their future activities will be less demanding. But, there will always be a question on their performance in bed, especially if they have a much younger wife or partner.

Men should note that poor health and body conditioning equals lack of virility in bed. One exercise not to be neglected is walking, not necessarily jogging. Jogging applies unnecessary pressure to the knees that might cause damage. Another exercise good for older men, are sit-ups and stretches of the limbs. These exercises will maintain some degree of stamina and provide flexibility of joints and hips even with repetitive pumping while making love.

Of course, we are no longer considering male enhancement exercises here for development or enlarging the penis. There is no point in having the largest male tool for sex if it is erect only for less than 15 minutes due to lack of physical conditioning. That thing will only be good for quickies!

Deep breathing exercises will do a man good. The exercise means taking deep breathes, holding each deep breath for 5 seconds or more, and then exhaling completely. This exercise helps stamina and hard breathing while engaged in sex. Catching your breath, while having sex, is the worst thing to happen because it almost narrates to exhaustion.

Forget about exercising with weights because muscle build up is only for show. Do more push-ups. It is something that you do anyway in bed! Make sure that those straightened elbows hold fast while doing push-ups on your partner. Push-ups will strengthen your hips and waist that will make pumping easy. Whatever position or Kama Sutra you perform these male enhancement exercises will put you on top literally and figuratively.

There is no age limit for swimming and biking. These are exercises that will assure the muscles in between your thighs are well toned to still provide you an erection that will be an envy of younger males who have no exercise at all. As always, take extra care with these exercises as they should be within the limits of any health condition you might have.

Last, but not the least, is mental conditioning exercises. Always condition and exercise your mind that you are an irresistible man when it comes to sex. Without this mindset or mental conditioning, you will be most likely consigned to be a “retired” stud. However good physical conditioning and health is okay, having a poor mind in sex negates all those physical attributes.