Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 13, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

Men want to make sure that they please their female partners and want to keep in check that they have potency and stamina. Everyone wants to have great sex and many have turned to eating aphrodisiac food to get in the mood. Aphrodisiacs can be for men and women who want to improve or increase their sex drive. Not only is it there to get people hyped up for intercourse, but they also have certain properties which can play a factor in terms of prolonged erection, fertility, and more. There is a lot of food known to help in this manner, and one of them is liver. Liver is known as a strong aphrodisiac.

A lobster’s liver is known to be a strong aphrodisiac. The liver of a duck not only makes a good meal, but will also be a boost. While it may not make the most romantic dish served before a couple, it is definitely important for men to have a few bites for its potential in better sex functions.

What’s in the Liver?

• Liver contains zinc which is needed to create more testosterone. If there is not enough testosterone, then a man might find himself having a difficult time hardening his penis or getting an erection. This mineral also aids in fertility since it increases sperm count and keeps the sperm cells healthy. When a man ejaculates, he loses a lot of zinc. The body needs at least 15 milligrams of zinc and when one ejaculates, he loses a third of it. Zinc should be eaten everyday especially after a love making weekend.

• Cod liver for example is another food that has a lot of vitamin A and E. These vitamins help increase sexual drive and studies have shown that the reproductive organs are rejuvenated because of it. Vitamin A also helps in keeping one fertile. A study was done that proved that men who took in more Vitamin A also did better in bed. Vitamin E is known to help in the circulation of blood. This is an important factor for a well functioning penis especially since blood flow is needed in it for an erection. Overall, having good circulation also means that the body is getting enough oxygen especially the brain that sends signals to the whole body Vitamin E is another important antioxidant.

• Liver has selenium. This is a mineral that works well with Vitamin E. It is also an antioxidant. It helps making sure that men are potent. It has been studied that the testes and the ducts hold about 50% of selenium. This is expelled when a man has an orgasm, so it makes sense to make sure to have this mineral in food.

It is known that the biggest sex organ is actually the brain. It is the brain that triggers impulses and arouses us. Feelings like love also come from the brain. Dr. Cecilia Tregear therefore shares that nutrition and eating the right food is necessary in order to perform and have a better sex life. Eating liver will boost sperm count, keep one fertile and potent.