It’s a condition that no one enjoys discussing, yet as reported by publications in the US Medical Organization, 43% of all females as well as 31% of males experience sexual disorders. Unfortunately, this percentage increases as you age. Females often experience a reduction in sex drive (sexual drive) as well as a lack of ability to reach an orgasm, while males often encounter impotence (the failure to have an erection). The non-essential amino acid L-Arginine represents a prototype of nitric oxide. It is important for boosting blood flow and aiding its functioning throughout the body. This is very important for both genders with regards to normal sexual functioning.

L-Arginine functions by enhancing blood movement to erectile muscles. It helps by capillary expansion in the organs, assisting men increase their libido. L-Arginine increases the dimension, solidity and frequency of erection. Statistics show that L-Arginine may easily boost fertility in people that have low sperm counts and unsatisfactory semen motility. This amino acid has a comparable effect in ladies as well, due to the increased blood circulation to the clitoris and vagina. This results in even greater sensitivity in these areas, and a higher chance of achieving orgasm. Statistics also show that 70% of females using L-Arginine actually improved their libido and reduced vaginal dryness.


In research carried out across Britain, 31% of males in the research group who were given L-Arginine supplements showed substantial enhancement in their sexual effectiveness after less than 6 weeks. Because erectile dysfunction can easily be as a result of various factors aside from decreased nitric oxide, it isn’t unexpected that those males in the investigation, who weren’t given the supplement, did not react. In animal research, rats that were supplied L-Arginine showed substantial increases in intra-penile tensions when compared with control groups that didn’t receive the supplement. This information sustains the fact that L-Arginine boosts the blood circulation to penile tissues and aids in cases of impotence.

Additional Advantages:

L-Arginine has a sustaining function in some body systems:

1. It’s a carrier of nitric oxide.

2. It assists with the improvement of blood flow to muscles.

3. It promotes the release of development hormones.

4. It minimizes the recovery time of traumas.

5. It assists sperm processing and motility.

6. It cuts the risk of strokes/blood clots.

7. It aids in sustaining blood tension.

8. It shortens rehabilitation times after cardiac arrest

9. It helps in stopping/managing aerobic illnesses.

10. It boosts the immune reactions to many different diseases.

A Final Thought

L-Arginine is a reliable, organic supplement that has a number of preferable properties; therefore it can be considered as a nutritional supplement to assist with both male and female sexual disorders. As a male improvement remedy, it mainly helps blood circulation to the erectile muscles. It is recommended however that this amino acid be used only when prescribed by your doctor, in case of a possible allergic reaction.