Kegel Exercises

Did you know that Kegel exercises for men were originally only for women? That’s right, the Kegel exercises were found to help women ‘shrink’ their vaginal passages after giving birth. Without the exercise, women would have less pleasure in sexual intercourse due to the expansion of their vagina and uterus upon childbirth. This means that their sexual organ might no longer appreciate the husband’s penis as it did prior to giving birth.

Now, it is not the entire vagina that would necessarily be sensitive to the pleasure of having sex. It is more of the right stimulation of the clitoris, or the G-spot as often referred to, that will make love-making complete for a woman. What does this have to do on Kegel exercises for men? It is the prolonging the time of ejaculation for men. A man able to hold off ejaculation before a woman reaches orgasm is a rarity. Being able to delay ejaculation, a man will be able to be more ‘playful’ longer in bed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris.

Men do not give birth, that’s a given. What can Kegel exercises for men do? Briefly, it helps men delay or hold-off premature ejaculation. Actually, the exercises have a double benefit for men who do them. The first has been mentioned in helping delay ejaculation and the second is to prevent urinary incontinence in the future, if ever. Just imagine this, achieve the pleasures that sexual intercourse has to offer and the possible prevention of urinary incontinence.

If one would have watched children playing on how they urinate, that is holding urination then letting it out again within short intervals, that is actually the Kegel exercises for men. The exercise, in reality, is the initial stage prior to longer hold-and-release exercises. The exercise for women will be more immediate after giving birth as it is a matter of doing it “while the wounds are still fresh”. The muscles and passages of a woman after birth could still be sore and they could feel some pain in doing the exercise. There should be no pain for men to do the exercise. If there is pain, immediately consult a physician to find out if there is any health issue that needs to be attended to.

The Kegel exercises for men quite easy and many men should have experienced sort of doing it when they were kids. Surely it still happens these days especially in school when boys go the ‘john’ to pee. Sometimes, they show off on how many times they can hold and let go of their urine until they’re done urinating. That’s actually doing the Kegel exercise, initially, hold and release for at least five seconds. After that the exercise of hold and release to ten seconds progressing longer lengths of time. The exercise should be done at least ten times per set and done three times a day.

After having done the exercise for a couple of days, or even after a week, it will not show instant results when trying to delay ejaculation. It would take two months or more to appreciate the results of doing Kegel exercises for men.