Kava Kava

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 16, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

Kava, an herbal aphrodisiac, can mostly be found among the Pacific Islanders. This was used to heal back pain and sleeplessness. For those who wanted to switch from an alcoholic drink, this was a sweet tasting choice. The root was the only part used by the Islanders.

To prepare it, the islanders would chew the root and then spit the juices to another bowl. Then it is mixed with coconut juice and later strained several times with fibers. The chips that were spit out continue to be squeezed through the strainer so that none of the juices are wasted. It is then transferred to another bowl and ready to drink.

Captain James Cook called this “intoxicating pepper” during one of his travels to the Pacific. When the colonials came to the Pacific, they insisted to put a stop on the traditional way of creating kava juice. The Islanders then used rocks to pound out the juices. In the Pacific, it is mostly used during celebrations. It is used for weddings, special holidays, and festivals. It was also used in many of the rituals.

Effects of Kava

In the past, there were no alcoholic beverages in the Islands. This was the most common drink. Unlike alcohol, it does not provide drinkers a hangover. It is safe and there has been no record that it has caused people harm. In fact, this root is mostly associated with its power to calm people down. It has properties in helping lower anxiety and reducing depression. It can also help users become more focused. Children who are hyperactive are given kava to help them settle down a little bit more.

Having a euphoric feeling is associated with Kava. With that being said, it is for this reason that Kava is used in male enhancement pills. It is one of the strong natural aphrodisiacs. Read on to learn what this root can do for you.

Get in the Mood

It is believed that kava helps stimulate sexual organs and makes sexual desire higher. In her book “Nature’s Aphrodisiacs”, Nancy Nickell says that the tea makes men aroused by its warm feeling. On top of that, Kava can reduce stress because of kavalctones present in it. It is not a sedative, but it gives out a happy feeling to the one who drinks it. The muscles become relaxed but it does not stop the brain or mental activity from optimal use. Some struggle with performance anxiety. This means that they are worried about how the other person may respond to them.

The happy feeling that this herb gives off can also as act as an aphrodisiac because it will allow a person to let go of any uneasiness he may have before having sex. Since any uneasiness is let go of, both parties will be ready and excited to make love to each other.

For those who struggle with performance anxiety and have trouble finding balance due to stress, Kava has qualities that may be able to get you passed those so that you will be able to enjoy your sexual experience.