Jes-Extender Review

The Jes-Extender is one of its kind. This brand boasts that will help men improve their penis size by gaining up to an average of 3 inches length. Not only does it grow longer, but this product also helps improve the girth by 1 inch. It is said that it can be done all within 6 months. This is a unique product in that it shows that there is another way to improve sexual performance without taking pills; and this brand shares that increasing the length and girth will be able to solve the issue on sexual performance for a longer period as compared to taking pills. This traction device will stretch the penis which will also result to increase of stamina and blood flow. It is backed up with a 200% money back guarantee and a warranty up to two years.

Product Details

This product and brand is to compete with in the market. It is made with plastic that is safe to the skin and brass that is top-notch. The fact that it has a strong money back guarantee implies that this product is promising to deliver its claims. On top of that, this is the brand that originated all male enhancement devices. It is a traction device that is proven to provide results and supported by medical and clinical studies. This traction device will be able to pull or stretch the penis in pleasant way. When the penis is being pulled, the cells in the tissues divide. When that happens they divide which results to a longer penis.

In addition, the tissues that have been pulled means that there is an improvement in blood circulation which leads to a better erection. A man will achieve an erection, have stamina, and keep it longer because of better blood flow. Included with the product are an instructional video, silicone tube, protection pad, custom Velcro strap, and custom strap.

Positives About Product

• It is made with quality materials
• It is made to be sensitive to the skin
• It is one of the best and popular products in the market
• There is a money back guarantee of 200%
• A 2 year warranty backs up the product

Negatives About Product

• It is very expensive compared to the other brands in the market

Product Bottom Line

This product is known to help men solve the problem of sexual performance permanently by increasing their length and girth. It is made with high quality materials and promises results within 6 months. It is backed with a very strong money back guarantee which cannot be refused by men who are looking for answers. Although it is expensive than other brands, men will be paying for the best results and customer satisfaction. It is priced at the lowest price of $278. It is worth the risk especially with a money back guarantee of 200% that not many solid companies can also promise. The manufacturers of this product put their trust and faith in this product. There are over 250,000 customers all over the world.