Jelqing Exercises

Men are always curious if a larger penis will or does really satisfy women in bed. Their curiosity is stirred by the devices that women use to get satisfaction or reach orgasm. Sex oriented websites and specialty shops have in display dildos and vibrators that are 8 inches long and sometime longer. Men seeing the devices on display can conclude outright that those are the penis sizes that women want. So if a man has a sex tool of less than 8 inches, he can make an assumption that his penis will not appeal to women.

With that being in the mind of a man, he will to find some ways to improve the size of his penis. Jelqing exercises will be one of those a man will come across with that could fulfill his dreams. Jelqing is an Arabic word that means, to milk. There are two ways to do jelqing exercises. One is sort of massaging the penis in a semi-erect condition with the use of the thumb and forefinger. Both hands are used for this exercise. It starts from the base of the penis moving slowly towards the head of the penis. The fingers can be formed like an “O-ring” applying some pressure around the penis while moving. The movement stops just before the head of the penis then the other hand starts from the base again. Let go of the first hand before starting the jelqing with the next one.

At the start of Jelqing exercises, a warm up is done by wrapping the penis with a warm towel. The first jelqing exercise should be done with about 100 repetitions, no less. In the process, make sure that the penis is not on full erection. Rest, if you have to, until the penis softens to the ideal semi-erection state. On succeeding exercises, the repetition should be done 200 to 300 times.

Jelquing exercises can also be done with the use of a jelqing device. The device has two rollers where the penis goes through in between them. The rollers are on a clamp-like frame or tongs. Both hands are used to control the device; one hand guides the rollers in position while the other hand holds the clamp handles to apply the right pressure. The movement of the rollers is different from jelqing with the fingers. The rollers start from the base of the penis going up just before the head, then rolled back down to the base.

Men will definitely find the jelqing device more convenient in doing Jelqing exercises because of the rolling action. It would cost something to buy the device while the use of fingers is free. Also, it is quite an effort to keep the desired pressure grip with the thumb and forefinger. Controlling the device with both hands makes it easier to have constant desired pressure.

Whichever of the jelqing exercises is preferred, do the exercises consistently and regularly to make it effective. As with other exercises, one will not see and realize the expected results without determination and dedication.