Jelqing Device

Creative and innovative people can come with devices that help solve problems in life. In sexual satisfaction, both women and men can achieve orgasmic peaks even without partners with the use of devices. There are so many contraptions in specialty shops where they can buy devices that appeal to them and to feel the pleasure they long for. One advantage for most women, if not all, is they do not have problems with depth and opening. It is up for men to fill in that cavity and provide their pleasures.

This is where penis enlargement devices come in just like the Jelq device and penis pumps. Jelqing is an Arabic word when translated to English means milking. The question is why an Arabic word that means milking when there might be an Arabic word that can be translated to massaging or ejaculating? The simplest explanation could be, the jelqing action is quite similar to the act of milking cows by hand, or fingers.

The jelq device is so designed that the penis passes in between two rollers from the top and under. They actually look like roller brushes used for painting. Now, don’t go make a contraption out of roller brushes to be used for jelqing. Definitely the roller material of a jelqing device is not the same as that of roller brushes. The device looks like a pair of extra large tongs that are held and controlled at the opposite ends of the rollers. One hand holds the rollers in place. It is a push towards the pubic bone, and a pull action towards the glans.

Jelqing is like masturbating with a semi erect penis with only the top and underside of the penis in contact with the rollers. Enhancement of the male organ might not be effective if the jelq device is used with full erection. The purpose of semi erection is that the penis is flexible and pliable allowing its insides to be stretched in the process. A fully erect penis will not have that much ‘elasticity’ except for the outer skin.

There is a massage suggested that is similar to jelqing but could prove to be less consistent with the pressure applied. Only the forefinger and thumb are used in the same manner. Depending on a man’s sensitivity or self control, the massage might end up in masturbation. A foreign object just like the jelq device could be less sensitive for men. Also, the act of using two hands on the device is far from leading to masturbation.

What might deter one to use the device is the thought of having to do the many repetitions required to have an enlarged penis. The repetition starts from 100 a day to around 200 to 250 repetitions everyday or every other day. It is also advised that hot wrap be applied in between jelqing exercises. The jelqing can be done while in the shower to aid in lubrication of the penis. The rollers do not get damaged eve when wet or soaked in the shower. Consistent use of the device assures good results for an enlarged penis.