Improve Male Fertility: Tips for Improving Male Fertility

Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 3, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

When couples get married, it is only natural that they would want to have children of their own, so ways to improve male fertility are very important.  For some couples though, it takes years before they have a first child and almost the same length of time for the wife to conceive again.  Unless they are into family planning, there could be a question of fertility for them.  Some give the excuse that they do not mate often.  For those who have sex often would most likely have the wife pregnant in no time but there are still couples who simply could not make it.  The possible reason behind it could be the quality of sperm the male produces.  Frequent sexual intercourse may also result to poor quality of the sperm.

Tips to Improve Male Fertility:

To boost male fertility for men who often have sex with their wife have an option to reduce the frequency of having sex.  This simply means to say that the man gets rested from sexual activity that gives time for his sperms to be more potently fertile.  Good physical health of a man should be able to boost his fertility after a two or three day’s abstinence from sex.  A man should have observed that when he masturbates, a good volume of semen is ejaculated with full and well rounded testicles.  While if his testicles feel limp and lacks fullness, the semen he ejaculates would be just a few drops and more watery.  It is known that the semen contains sperms, so the more semen equals more sperms.

A healthy lifestyle is required to be able to improve male fertility.  This would mean having well balanced diet, sufficient physical exercise and taking nutritional supplements that are mainly antioxidants.  Ideally the supplements would be Vitamins E, C, and B9 (Folic Acid) along with Zinc and Selenium.  Multivitamin preparations should have sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals mentioned.  Foods to be included in the diet are seafood like sardines, herring, mackerel and salmon.  Vegetables and fruits should complement the diet. Not just green veggies but more on colored veggies.  Some beef meat is alright as it is also a good source of Zinc next to oyster.

Other things to look out for to help boost male fertility are some daily routines or habits that should be minimized if not completely avoided.  Reduce the amount of alcohol intake.  Even if grape wine is good for the health, drink it in moderation.  Keep the body cool as heat or high temperatures kill sperms.  Exercising has some counter effects for those who are overweight.  Being overweight can cause hormonal imbalance and exercising excessively could also have the same effect.  Overweight people should not be in a hurry to lose weight through exercise.

Mental condition is a factor also to boost male fertility.  Men under some severe stress will not benefit from any of the above suggested ways.  They will not be able to focus on what needs to be done.  Stress contributes to non-production of sperms by hormones, and worse, sexual performance will be greatly affected.  To improve male fertility, remember to always keep your cool as cool as you would want your groin area to be.