How to Perform Better in Bed

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 14, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Performance often refers to being fine tuned and becoming the best in any possible activity. On how to perform better in bed if not excel in bed, a man must be fine tuned. What a man can do in bed in love-making should be differentiated from delaying ejaculation or orgasm. A good performance in bed is to let the female partner reach orgasm, either before or after the man comes.

Only very few women experience true orgasm in love-making. This would lead to the question for men on how to perform better in bed to satisfy their partner. Men sometimes think they have performed well when women fake their orgasm. At the times women fake their orgasm, they do so because they are tired or bored of the man’s performance. In short, the woman is telling the man to stop. Women bear the weight of the man mostly during sexual intercourse in the missionary position. Of course, no one would want to be under that weight without getting satisfaction out of it!

Men will know that they did their greatest performance in bed after having sex, when the woman is totally drained and exhausted after orgasm or several orgasms. Performance is not just the act of pumping like forever. It involves unexpected words and actions that you know would turn your partner on. Words or phrases like “I’ll be back” after your ejaculation, could mean something to a woman, especially if she’s a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Getting back to her to give satisfaction from her own orgasm will be a great performance from her point of view.

Tickling a woman in bed is a good performance because she knows where it would lead to. Giggling or laughing women, when tickled, often makes them wet. Make sure that your hands, toes or any part of your body accidentally brushes over her vagina in the process. If that accidental brush over the vagina rubs her clitoris, so much the better. That is when the thrill starts. She senses that penetration would come soon, waiting for the penis to brush over next on her clitoris.

Believe it or not, there are women who get turned on when you make them a little mad or angry. They will not tell you because the thrill of it will be lost. Some get turned on and at the same time sort of get mad when you say how much fun you had in bed with an “ex”, before she became your partner. A few would like to be forced upon and once you have your sights in it and fire you missile, immediately tell her, “Wow! You’re the best!” This is the point that she gives in and would also give her best performance, not to be outdone by your “ex”.

One performance that works for real horny women is to stop when she’s about to come. Make sure you’re still stiff with that hard on. It is almost unbelievable what a real horny woman would do just to hit her orgasm. She really would get on top of the situation! Some yet would even masturbate a dick to erection just to get their satisfaction.