How to Last Longer in Bed: The Power to Stay!

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 13, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement, Male Enhancement Exercises

Of course this does not mean staying in bed to sleep some more or just while it away. It is the power to get into sexual intercourse, stay awake and wait until you and your partner shout out loud, ‘we’re coming’! Many men lack the ability to stay with their women in bed. Often, they just want to get it off. There are women who would not just settle for that especially those who know how orgasmic pleasure feels. It’s heaven for them that make them say, “Oh God, I’m coming!”

How to last longer in bed is a question in the minds of many men. It is the lust of men that make them ejaculate too early and selfishly have their pleasure. It seems like to them, “I’ve had mine, it’s up to you to get yours”, in a manner of speaking to their partner. Sexual intercourse is not like having a meal that once you’ve had your fill, it’s up to the others to have their own fill. It might work on the dining table but not in bed. Oh, don’t mistake it that it’s better to have sex on the dining table!

Going back on the right track, the power to stay in bed comes from within. Tactics can be used for the mind to control premature ejaculation. There are some exercises that the mind is capable to control further. If that’s too complicated, please stop reading at this point. Yes, it is that complicated on how to last longer in bed. It is not a ‘one solution that solves all’ when addressing the problem.

Prime considerations are mental and physical conditions of a man. Sometimes we hear the phrase, ‘the mind is willing but the body cannot’. This means the mind has it but the body just can’t perform. Is it possible that the body can perform but the mind is not willing? The answer is a resounding yes. The mind being referred to is the sexual driver and has nothing to do with physical capability. If the mind cannot imagine what the body can do in bed, then it is pointless to be physically fit.

Fertile, dirty or wild imaginations about sex are needed to have the necessary sex drive to make the body perform in bed. There is nothing the body will do if not commanded or motivated by the brain. The best example is, if the body is thirsty and there is only poison to drink, the mind prevails to tell the body to forget about the thirst. Only suicidal or disillusioned minds will tell the body to drink the poison.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the mind, heart, and soul of a man that will make him know how to last longer in bed. Many true stories have been told and filmed on how a man survived the worst by just letting the mind will it. Stress and tension are those that affect a man’s mind. If things that cause stress and tension could not be avoided or resolved, think dirty. It will relieve stress and tension even just for the time to have sexual pleasure.