How to Finger a Woman

Posted by: Ryan Parker on August 23, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Clitoral stimulation is a skill every guy must master and you know you have mastered this skill when you look at your women deep in her eyes and confidently wiggle your pointer finger and it turns her into a horny, sex crazed women. It’s this sort of teasing and suspense that will build up huge sexual tensions allowing you to take advantage of these tensions at a later time you feel fit.

Learning to finger your woman is a skill, just like any other that needs to be practiced and continually improved. Fortunately, you have willing and able partner ready to tell you what to do, when you do it right or wrong. Just make sure every now and then she lets you know (vocally or not) that you are hitting the right spot.

Not all women are the same when it comes to clitoral stimulation, but since the physiology is the same, there are some general guidelines when it comes to fingering your woman.

There are many ways you can finger your woman to make sure she is completely satisfied.

  • Try using both hands: When you are fingering your woman, you usually only use one hand to insert the vagina while the other hand is left free. You can try using both hands to really please her. Try taking your other hand and rubbing her clitoris while you are fingering your woman. Try using different speeds with both hands. This will leave her feeling extremely pleased.
  • Use the screw technique to finger you woman: Many times a woman gets tired of being fingered the same way over and over again. The screw technique is quiet different. You will want to sit in front of the woman between her legs. Take your middle finger and and index finger and insert them into the vagina. You will then want to turn your hand so that your palm is facing up. This motion will most definitely please your woman.
  • G-Spot stimulation: Every time a woman is pleased, she wants you to hit the G-spot. With this technique, you will be able to do so. You will want to insert your fingers into her and make a come hither motion. With this motion you will more than likely find and hit her G-spot. It’s ok to ask – If you are lost, you can always ask for directions.
  • Try the shocker technique. If your woman is into it, you can try the shocker technique while fingering your woman. The shocker technique is where you fingers into the vagina and anus. This technique is kinkier and may help her reach orgasm easier. Curiously most women I have found are into this, however they need to overcome their shyness first.

With these technique, fingering your woman will be more pleasurable. Everyone gets tired of the same thing over and over again – So always make sure to vary what you do and you may even stumble upon a technique new to both you and her that works really well. If you try new things, you may find something she will like. If you find something she likes, keep doing it. It will help her reach orgasm and turn you on as well.

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