How to Control Ejaculation with Kegel Exercises

Posted by: Ryan Parker on September 15, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement Exercises

Doing the appropriate exercises by people is an accepted fact that it is good for the body. Before the invention of the TV remote control, it was good exercise for a man to keep getting up to change channels, especially when lying down on a sofa. Abdominal muscles, legs, knees, back and hips are exercised. There are many exercises that men used to do but were unaware of it. Convenience devices and even medications are reasons for not being able to get to do those exercises any longer.

A good number of men making love in bed have difficulty to last long enough to satisfy their partner. The main reason is they lack physical fitness and they ejaculate too early. Physical exercise will improve stamina and Kegel exercises will help men in both staying power in bed and delaying ejaculation.

With just the mention of exercise, lazy men will tend to shy away from the topic and say they don’t have the time for it. They can’t imagine running, walking, lifting weights, stretching and sweating it out will do them any good. Kegel exercises do not involve any one of those. It is more of a mental exercise that control muscles involved to control urination and bowel movement. The best thing is it can even be done almost anywhere.

Being able to control the muscles involved in controlling urinary incontinence makes for better full erections. A more intense ejaculation can be experienced after delaying it. One might ask, “Where are those muscles and how do I find out?” Most men, even when they were boys, were playful when urinating and often laugh at how they can stop and go on urinating. When doing that, a boy or a man is actually doing Kegel exercises. That’s one good way to find those muscles. Another way to find out where those muscles are is when one is trying to control passing gas or bowel movement. Yes, those are same muscles involved in doing the exercise.

The excuse of not having the time to do Kegel exercises is no longer good. Even when a man is in a meeting, sitting in his office, making a speech and whatever, it can be done. One good time to do the exercise is when you are urinating or defecating. Just one thing, if you are constipated, forget about the exercise, it could make your bowel problem worse.

In doing Kegel exercises on the first try, it would be similar to the hold-release action when urinating for about five seconds. This makes you oriented on the muscles to be controlled. The succeeding exercises after that will be holding for about 5 seconds and also slowly releasing to the count of 5 seconds. This should be repeated 10 times and done in three sets of this per day. Increase the hold-release exercise for 10 seconds with the same number of sets per day when the 5-second exercise no longer poses as a challenge.

A thing to take note of is not to tense up the muscles of the stomach, buttock and legs. This can happen when you think that you could not find those pelvic and bladder muscles needed for the exercise.