How to be Better in Bed

Posted by: Ryan Parker on July 16, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

The total domination of man plus the complete submission of woman in love-making is equal to an inexplicable satisfaction of sex life. Men should be aggressive in bed as most women often want their man to take charge. That’s a way on how to be better in bed, manly, action packed and showing no mercy.

The question is, how could that man have been that dominant in bed? Maybe he is into a sport that gives him stamina and all the energy to do all those “push-ups” and pumping of his hips. A couch potato of a man will never equal his performance. This is where the saying, men are all created equal, does not apply.

For men to be better in bed and be an equal, they should have the stamina that would be fit in moderate to heavy physical activity. Their mind should be capable of wild imaginations and have fantasies that can almost be reality. A man should be as aggressive as a bull in a Spanish bullfight, charging incessantly with his lone horn. Men having these characteristics are almost sure to let a female partner say, “Oh god, I’m coming”.

Knowing your partner well is one key on how to be better in bed. A horny woman would often want to get into action immediately. No foreplays or romantic nonsense desired. On the other hand, there are women who want to be “tickled” first before they start to feel wet. Foreplay like kissing, necking and whispers of sweet-little-nothings make women have goose-pimples and make their nipples erect just like a penis.

The size of a man’s tool, the penis, does not mean anything in being good in bed. The most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina is the clitoris, often no more than half an inch inside the upper labia. The location of the clitoris makes women enjoy cunnilingus. The tongue does not have to work hard to stimulate and sucking it too at some intervals. Men who are “tongue-twisters” will make a woman ecstatic. Rubbing the head of the penis in that area is also good. When when the woman shudders, her mouth open wide and her eyes rolling or going white it means you’re on the right spot.

In love-making, it is like playing with sex and experimenting. Many women will admit, in your privacy, their fantasies. Questions starting with “what if” will make them give an answer that arouses them more. There are also women, again in your privacy that will probably ask how you did it with an “ex” and ask, “Let me see if you can do it to me”, or maybe even, “Let me see if you can do to me what I saw in a video”. Doing these ‘favors’ for a woman adds to being good in bed.

One of the best ways in being good in bed is giving the woman a massage or rubdown on her back starting from the back of the head slowly moving down towards her feet. Upon reaching her lower back just above the butt, press both your palms on the area a couple of times to make her sort of strongly exhale. Butt lovers will take more time massaging that part, many a men’s fantasy. At the area of the upper thighs, both hands should massage each thigh around it. And as if accidentally touching her vagina say, “Ooopps I’m sorry”. Her imaginations will run wild with the feeling of being in a massage parlor. A woman would definitely say, “Hmmmm . . . you’re good”, this is the signal to ‘attack’.