Herbal Male Enhancement

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 13, 2017 Under: Male Enhancement

If you are struggling with problems of stamina and fullness of erection you may be looking to herbal male enhancement solutions to avoid the cost of medications and their potential side effects. The problem is which of the herbs work the best? There are three main herbs found in herbal male enhancement formulas that have a long history of being effective.

What they are and what they do:

Damiani, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng and Gingko are the big four when it comes to herbal male enhancement. Ginseng and Gingko enjoy a good amount of familiarity with the public because they are sold for other health benefits as well; Damiani and Tribulus Terrestris are not as well known in the Western World but have been used for centuries in South America by indigenous tribes to treat a variety of ailments and as aphrodisiacs.

Gingko and Ginseng come from the Asiatic region and also have a centuries old history of being used to enhance the sexual experience. All of them work on the body in about the same way. They work to increase your energy by improving circulation and the blood oxygen levels in the body and also, by providing a mile stimulant to your system. Tribulus Terrestris is also reported to have an effect on the body’s hormone levels – bringing them back into natural balance by working on the endocrine system.

Modern medicine is beginning to understand how circulation affects sexual performance better, something that the ancients knew without any of our modern technology. The male sexual organ is entirely fueled by the circulation flow of blood with an influx or rush occurring during arousal which increases nerve sensitivity and causes an erection. By “cleaning up” the circulation system, these herbs help to restore the body to a more youthful and responsive condition which then leads to better performance and stamina.

Are they safe?

Yes and no. Male enhancement herbs are safe when they are taken as directed and there are few reported side effects. However, the most common experience is a mild upset stomach when they are first taken (with the noted exception of Tribulus Terrestris which does not cause this). This upset stomach is not because of the herb or any reaction from the herb but is the result of simply introducing something new into your diet. The same thing would happen should you suddenly switch from cereal every morning to steak.

The body needs time to adjust to anything new. One caution about herbal supplements is that some people do experience a mild allergic reaction in the form of itching or hives – this is typically not a result of the herb itself but of any minor contaminants that have entered the packaging process when the herbal male enhancement product was made. If you experience this the simple solution is to stop taking that supplement from that package and try a new one. It doesn’t have to be a new brand or type of herb, most times it is just the batch itself that may have something in it you are allergic to and you will be fine by opening a different one.