Ginsenosides or also referred to as Panaxosides are nutrients that are found in the Ginseng plant.

Recently Ginsenosides have been the target of much research as they are considered to active ingredients responsible to the health benefits that are attributed to Ginseng.

The highest concentration of these compounds can be found in the Root of Ginseng.

Ginsenosides have been found to:

  • Improve the reproductive system in animal testicles
  • Improves testosterone production in male rats
  • Shown to inhibit the growth of (breast) cancer cells
  • Consumption of Ginsenoside-Rc  has shown to elongate Life span (in worms)
The thousand year old Chinese herb, Ginseng has been touted as an effective and benefical remediy for thousands of years.

Top 4 health benefits of Ginseng:

Helping Type 2 Diabetes:

Various studies based on “American Ginseng” have recently found that ginseng improves the bodies ability to manage sugar – and assists with blood sugar levels both before and after eating.

Weight Loss:

Again, many recent studies have shown that ginseng extract assists with weight loss and effective against obesity. Ginseng tea is an excellent natural appetite suppressant.

Improvement in Physical & Mental Health:

Ginseng is believed to be a good remedy to improve stamina and boost energy levels. Tests conducted on athletes had shown that Ginseng helps the body absorb use oxygen more effectively and it is also known to regulate metabolism – which can directly relate to improved energy levels. The same studies conducted with athletes had shown that consumption of ginseng also helps athletes lower their recovery time and reduce stress. Finally, ginseng tea does act as a stimulant for the brain cells and help improve concentration and thinking ability.

Improved Male Sexual Function:

Consuming ginseng can help men improve the symptoms of sex related conditions like erectile dysfunction.  More specifically, Korean Red Ginseng has long been used to stimulate male sexual function.