Ginkgo Biloba

Posted by: Ryan Parker on October 22, 2017 Under: Aphrodisiacs

The Ginkgo Biloba can be traced as far as the Jurassic period; it had many species and was a plant that covered several regions. However, due to different changes that happened, it decreased in number and vanished in North America and Europe. Many scientists thought that it was long gone, but Englebert Kaempfer, a German, found this tree in Japan in 1691. It was believed that the seeds of the tree were carried by wind from China wherein it was mostly found in Buddhist temples and monasteries. After the discovery, Kaempfer brought it to North America and Europe in the 1700s.

The Ginkgo Biloba has several medicinal uses. In Chinese medicine, the seeds are mostly used unlike the Westerns who mostly use the leaves. Some of the earliest records of the seeds being used were in 1578 in a book made by Li Sheh-chin’s Pen Tsao Kang Mu translated as “Great Herbal”. It was used in the past to aid in digestion and to heal a variety of other sicknesses which include cough, asthma, and even cancer. It was also used to be useful in skin treatment.

The seeds by the Japanese were eaten raw or also roasted. The Western community began to take a closer look into the medicinal benefits of this plant by the 1950s. It is now one of the medicines that North America and Europe are prescribing to their countrymen. There are additional records that quack doctors must have used the wood of the plant to create charms and for other treatments.

The Secret to Male Enhancement

Today, one of its most common uses is for male enhancement. Extracts from this plant are added into male enhancing pills. It is an herbal aphrodisiac. Here are some of the reasons why this herb is useful in increasing libido:

1. It has antioxidants: These antioxidants work to remove toxins in the body. With the removal of toxins and other wandering radicals, there will be an improvement in blood circulation. This is important because when blood can freely flow, it will be able to aid in the erection of the penis.

2. The Ginkgo Biloba opens capillaries: Open capillaries means a good steady blood flow; and that blood can quickly move to the penis. This again is helpful once again in erection.

3. Opens blood flow to brain: When the brain gets more oxygen, it is more capable of handling activities. The oxygen will also be able to help the brain recognize or start a sexual response.

4. It provides extra oxygen: The extra oxygen circulating in the body after the pill has been taken will allow for a longer erection. Both parties will be able to enjoy their sexual experience longer.

Ginkgo Biloba is a natural and safe herb to take in for male enhancement. It has the ability to improve blood circulation and provide more oxygen all over the body which will directly support the penis and the sexual experience. There have been some reports that it may cause some headaches, but nothing devastating or damaging that it should cause alarm.