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Many of you have sent us great feedback about the free penis exercises we share on our website, but some have also been asking how to really boost the gains and get them faster instead of waiting for months. There is a way!

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The free penis exercises are a good starting point, but they are only a small part of a successful penis enlargement program. Just like going to the gym, you have to train properly, eat properly, and have a plenty of sleep to grow and maximise the potential gains.

Exercise Building

Going to the gym and exercising is very similar to ways in which you can gain size to your penis. You have to approach it from all angles with attention to detail to get the best and fastest results possible. This is where Male Extra comes into the play.

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MaleExtra is a special male supplement and can be compared to the bodybuilder’s protein and amino acid supplements for weight gain, speeding up restoration and strength – all essential for gaining lean body mass and doing it fast.

Male Extra Reviews


MaleExtra works similarly at various levels when exercising your penis. It not only provides you with various important male health nutrients, but also:

  • boost blood flow to the penis,
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