Exercises for Sex Stamina

Posted by: Ryan Parker on November 3, 2017 Under: Sex Tips

Exercising the mind to control premature ejaculation is still the best exercise for men.  What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.  Self control is the main factor to last longer in bed.  Many actions of man can be controlled and practicing it is an exercise for the brain and the mind.  This will not require physical activity but is focused more on mental activity.  With just the thought that you can insist to hold on longer and go further an extra mile for sexual satisfaction is more gratifying.

Lasting longer in bed exercises may not be necessary for men below 50 years old that have a physically active life.  Men beyond 50 years of age that are active in sports could still have something left in them to last long in bed.  Sports or activities that involve jumping, running or swimming are good exercises that help men to be fit and have the stamina in love-making.  Regular cycling is also an exercise that tones the muscles of the thigh and groin area that supports better erection.  Well toned inner thigh muscles assure good flow of blood to the penis for erection.

For younger men below 50 not into any sport or any appreciable physical activity should be influenced to get lasting longer in bed exercises like brisk walking for at least half a mile for starters.  They should make sure that they are physically fit and healthy enough to do exercises.  Having sex is actually an exercise in itself and indulging more frequently in it will give benefits of lasting longer in bed.  The mind of men comes into to do it more frequently.  Think dirty to stimulate the urge for sex and be influenced to have sex more often.

Masturbation is one exercise that benefits delayed ejaculation.  Take notice that once you have ejaculated, it is more difficult to have a second one even after an hour.  This is the time to stimulate a hard on to masturbate.  Being able to have a hard on after a recent ejaculation must practiced often.  If that exercise is done and a good erection comes up right away after having sex, it is almost a guarantee that the second round will really take a longer time to hit the ceiling.

The age factor can be aided by nutritional supplements especially for older men.  Mental stress and physical stress are common reasons why they are just good for a quickie.  Excessive stress increases the free radicals in the human body that can cause lack of vigor and getting tired easily.  The same would be the case for younger men who are very active in sports or other physical activities.  They will need nutritional supplements like antioxidants to neutralize free radicals produced by the body during their activities.

Well balanced diets that are supplemented with vitamins and minerals in correct doses are essential for all men.  Good health, good body configuration and better mental condition are the benefits from well nourished bodies that have proper lasting longer in bed exercises.