Penis Extenders

Men with sub-par penis find it frustrating that they will not satisfy women with it. They might not even want to have sex for fear that women might laugh at their size. Usually, the frustration stems from stories going around men and friends about how a big sized penis will be appreciated by women. For that reason, penis extenders have been developed to fill this demand for men that are not well endowed or want a bigger sized penis.

This penis enhancement is a device that stretches the penis while inside it. The use of the extenders and taking Vitamin C and Niacin promotes blood circulation and increase blood flow to the penis. For those who might not know, it is the flow of the blood to the penis that causes erection. It is therefore logical that once blood flow is improved with the proper use of the extender, the male organ can be enhanced. The capacity of the arteries and veins in the penis could increase; girth and length will improve as the device can develop new cells or tissues in the process.

Penis extenders are put on the male organ and the device induces it to stretch. This means that a man using this extender might not experience the same exact pleasure as new cells created might not have the sensitivity of original skin tissues. Hopefully no callus develops on top of the new cells. Some reviews on the use of extenders have comments that low quality extenders have a side effect, which is often pain after use. Wrong use of extenders can cause skin irritation or maybe even breaks on the skin.

Pumps can also be considered as penis extenders. Using pumps can exercise the penis to make it longer and increase its girth. The pumps can either manually operated or motorized. The penis is put inside the pump and a partial vacuum is created thus drawing blood to the male organ. The pump is being promoted as a penis extender by most manufacturers because with its use, the penis to tends to accommodate more blood. Extreme care must be observed in its use as excessive or improper use can damage or even burst blood vessels.

Men who have insecurities about having a considerably small penis should be aware that there are some risks involved in using penis extenders. There are men who are physically built to be able to see an appreciable increase in size of their penis with the use of extenders. It is therefore wise to consult with a physician regarding your capability to apply such strain on your penis tissues and to what extent it will benefit you.

Penis extenders might add some spice to making love if the man’s tool has improved considerably. What is important is to know how to use that tool in the battle of sexes in bed. Men should make sure that the female in bed with him surrenders to the orgasm that the extended penis has thrust in her. A man’s enhanced organ should be used to the max and not just to be appreciated and a show-off to friends.