Damiana Leaf

Damiana is a tiny shrub which has an aromatic leaf, popularly known as the damiana leaf, which is found in the dry, rocky and sunny hills of Mexico and other Central American countries as well as in Texas. It has been used traditionally by the natives of Mexico as an aphrodisiac that helps in boosting sexual potency. There are two sorts of this herb, both of which are known by the same name and they also feature identical healing properties.

From a botanical perspective, this flowering shrub belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It features tiny yellow flowers that bloom during the summer and produces an edible fruit having a flavor similar to that of figs. The herb in its dried form is also used for making tea, whereas the fresh leaves are used for making salads. The damiana leaf has been used for several centuries for its aphrodisiac properties. In fact, it was officially called “aphrodisiakos” in ancient Greece, which means “goddess of love.” It was also used by the Aztecs and Mayans for improving libido. The dried leaf was burnt or smoked by people suffering from eye-sight issues.

Damiana is used as a beverage in Mexico, as a traditional form of liquor. Even though the libido-boosting strength of the damiana leaf has not been tested on humans so far, the liquor used in Mexico is taken as an aphrodisiac. However, tests have been conducted on male rats, where the herb helped in speeding up mating behavior in impotent or “sexually slow” rats.

From a chemical perspective, damiana leaf has a complex composition. It consists of flavonoids, volatile oil, arbutin, damianin, tannin and gonzalitosin. Damiana has been found to create a toning effect on the sexual organs. It is considered to be more effective in treating erectile dysfunction than the most widely promoted medicines in the market. It features vasodilatory effects that help widen corpus cavernosum muscles, which help the muscles to hold significant amounts of blood.

Other benefits of damiana leaf include subtle properties such as lowering blood pressure, increasing sperm count, and fighting impotence and infertility. In addition, it is also considered to have positive effects on the nervous system. It is also rich in cyanogenic glycosides, essential oils, phosphorus and thymol.

It has been found that consumption of damiana helps rush oxygen to the genital area. This is helpful in achieving erection without any difficulty and even in maintaining it for a longer period. Another study reports that using damiana leaf helps in increasing sensitivity in those erotic areas, including the genitals, and thus helps arouse sexual desires.

Damiana has also been recommended for treating anxiety neurosis due to different reasons including sexual factors, depression, atonic constipation and nervous dyspepsia. It has been proven to be effective in eliminating problems related to achieving and maintaining penile erection and soothing out anxiety problems arising due to insufficient sexual performance. So, for people suffering from some type of sexual problem, using damiana leaf can prove to be an effective and safe way to treat the condition naturally.